Welfare services for International students

International students can access all the services offered by the Student Welfare Service. They are free, professional and confidential.

Make an appointment by emailing welfareservice@westernsydney.edu.au or calling 1300 668 370 (option 4 then option 1) - we have dedicated Welfare Officers to help you, so please let us know if you're an International student.

Visa Matters

Before you change your studies

Do you have any concerns or personal issues that might affect your study? Changing your enrolment, reducing your study load, taking a leave of absence or resigning from your studies can have visa implications, so it's important you seek advice before making any changes. A Western Sydney University Welfare Officer can provide advice on visa implications and refer you to relevant University or external department.

For information on applying for Reduced Study Load or Leave of Absence please go to our International Student Support webpage where you will find further information and instructions on how to lodge an application.

Please contact the Student Welfare Service as soon as possible if you are experiencing any difficulties. You can make an appointment by calling 1300 668 370 (option 4 then option 1) or emailing welfareservice@westernsydney.edu.au.

The University endeavours to support students in achieving and maintaining satisfactory academic progress and to complete their programs in the allowable period of time. To find out more, you can read the Western Sydney University International Student Intervention Strategy.

Financial assistance

Textbook Support

The Student Welfare Services is offering textbook support to students who are experiencing financial hardship. To find out more about textbook support and to see if you're eligible please visit the Money matters page.

Emergency financial assistance

We offer a range of financial assistance to help students with education-related costs and basic living expenses. Financial assistance available to Western Sydney University students includes interest free loans and grants. To find out more about assistance and to see if you're eligible visit the Money matters page.

Financial information and resources

There is a range of useful information about managing your finances on the Money matters page. You may also find the interactive tools on the Study, Money & Life Skills vUWS site valuable in planning your finances. If you are under financial pressure that is affecting your ability to study please email welfareservice@westernsydney.edu.au so that we may assist you.

Referral to external financial advisors

Sometimes you might need to seek assistance from other services, such as a counsellor or a government agency. Western Sydney University Welfare Officers can help you with information and advice about the right services to talk to.

Academic advocacy

Special Consideration

During your studies, there may be times when circumstances beyond your control may impact adversely on your performance, such as severe and/or grave illness, misadventure or accident.  Under such circumstances you may apply for "Special Consideration".

You will need to notify the University of your illness, misadventure or extenuating circumstances, as well as provide supporting documentation which demonstrates the severity and/or gravity and timing of the circumstance which has affected your academic performance.

To find out more about the types of Special Consideration and how to apply, visit the Special Consideration webpage. If you need assistance making your application, a Welfare Officer can help. Contact a Welfare Officer by emailing welfareservice@westernsydney.edu.au and we'll help you through the process.

Exclusion and Conditional Enrolment

You might need advocacy for issues related to allegations of misconduct, review of grades, special consideration, bullying and harassment or progression checks. Advocacy means that you're provided with clear information, advice and support. It also means that you don't have to deal with problems or respond to issues on your own. Please email welfareservice@westernsydney.edu.au so that we may assist you.

If you wish to find out more about what advocacy is, please visit the Advocacy webpage.

Withdrawal Without Academic Penalty

If you are considering changing or withdrawing from a unit or your course, you should seek advice before doing so. In some circumstances you may be able to Withdraw Without Academic Penalty.

Make sure to consult with us before making changes that can effect your visa status. Email us on welfareservice@westensydney.edu.au so you know what your enrolment changes will mean for your ability to stay in Australia.

Other services


The Student Welfare service can help you find resources for living on and off campus. Find out more on the Accommodation page.

MATES and English Conversation Groups

MATES is a mentoring program for new students. MATES stands for Mentoring and Transition Equals Success.

MATES provides first year students with an opportunity to connect with other new students and mentors in later years of study. This helps new students make friends, network with other students and gain knowledge and skills to settle into life at university.

Find out more and get involved at the MATES website.

English Conversation Groups (ECG) are for students who are interested in improving their skills in English conversation and run by trained student volunteers in a fun and friendly environment. The program consists of five, weekly, one-hour sessions during Autumn and Spring sessions.

Find out more and get involved at the English Conversation Groups website

Overseas Student Health Cover

Students with Overseas Student Health Cover through Allianz can access assistance in a number of ways.

My OSHC Assistant is a free app that allows students to:

  • Access e-membership card for Doctor visits
  • View Certificate of Insurance
  • Find a Doctor nearby
  • Update their OSHC account details
  • Find Allianz contact details
  • Make a claim

Download the app at My OSHC Assistant (opens in a new window)

A Doctor on Demand service

Students can get immediate access to a Doctor in any location, at any time. Doctors on Demand is a telehealth service where students can speak to a qualified doctor via phone or by video call.

For more information, please visit Doctors on Demand (opens in a new window)

On Campus Reps

The Allianz OSHC website includes an “OSHC - On Campus Support” web page that lists where their representatives are at over 50 campuses across Australia.

Reps at WSU campuses are listed for:

  • Parramatta South
  • Parramatta CBD
  • Sydney Olympic Park
  • 100 George Street, Parramatta.

For more information, please see OSHC - On Campus Support (opens in a new window)