What is Chaplaincy about?

The Chaplaincy team offers a caring presence to all staff and students at the University; encouraging spirituality, offering hospitality and creating community. We do this by embracing our diversity, encouraging conversation and respecting our similarities and differences. Our role is to encourage a spiritual life within the University. Our key aim is to help you get the most out of your time at Western Sydney University. Our chaplains come from a variety of spiritual traditions, offering:

  • a safe place and an open ear
  • opportunities to nurture, express and explore your spirituality
  • links to religious groups and faith communities
  • connection of life and faith through critical thinking, exploration of ethical issues and action for social justice
  • care and support in times of uncertainty, crisis and loss
  • thoughtful acts of service with, and for, others
  • a free and confidential service 

Multifaith facilities

Multifaith facilities are available for students and staff on all campuses.

Muslim Prayer
Prayer & Meditation

Building 10.G.19 (Female)
Building 10.G.20 (Male)

Building 10.G.13
Campbelltown Building 2.2.02 Building 2.2.07
Hawkesbury Building P22 Building P23
Parramatta Building EA.LG.13 Building EF.G.07
Penrith Building H Building H

These Multifaith facilities are founded on the spiritual places of the Darug People, the traditional caretakers of this region. They are available for all who hold to a faith tradition as well as those who do not. They offer a safe place to meet, pray, reflect, meditate or simply take some time for yourself.  There are multifaith libraries to browse, chaplains to chat with, groups to connect with and religious festivals to celebrate. Multifaith facilities are places where your inner life is respected and honoured.

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Campus contacts

Campus Phone Contact Email
Bankstown 0402 771 543 Daniel Jantos

Campbelltown 0402 771 543 Daniel Jantos

0402 771 543

0422 498 371

Daniel Jantos

Christine Gapes

Parramatta 0422 498 371 Christine Grapes
Penrith 0422 498 371 Christine Grapes

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Denomination contacts

 The University is served by chaplains from a broad range of denominations/faith traditions:


Contact name Phone number Email
Richard Blight

(02) 9772 6526

0402 282 893

Cameron Howard 0422 427 939


Contact name Phone number Email
Anita Lau (External Advisor)

(02) 9966 8893


Contact name Phone number Email
Fr Andrew Fornal

(02) 4721 8945 

0405 200 937

Coptic Orthodox

Contact name Phone number Email
Fr Matthew Attia

0418 283 114

Emmanuel Baptist

Contact name Phone number Email
Rev Ian Duncan

0481 284 394

Greek Orthodox

Contact name Phone number Email
Fr Panagiotis Protopsaltis

0402 219 214


Contact name Phone number Email
Pundit Rama

0419 654 987


Contact name Phone number Email
Shailee Mendelevich

(02) 9381 4281 (02) 9381 4281

Latter-day Saints

Contact name Phone number Email
David Lakisa

(02) 9841 5318

0405 103 302

Anthony Neil

(02) 9841 5371 

0420 309 157


Contact name Phone number Email
Rev Peter Barnes

(02) 9774 5740 

0450 506 324

Uniting Church

Contact name Phone number Email
Ben Weir 0401 077 404

The University is also visited by other denominations/faith traditions. For more information please contact Christine Gapes on 0422 498 371 or alternatively via email at

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