Graduation News

  • Please ensure you order your documents early and allow ample time for processing and delivery.  Documents will be processed and posted twice a week only, please allow 2 weeks processing to leave our office (ouside of University close down) - postage time will be additional.  No priority processing is available and any requests will be declined. The Univesity is closed from Wednesday, 16 December reopening Monday, 4 January 2021.  Documents will be processed in order of receipt, documents will be processed as quickly as possible, please allow a minimum of 2 weeks fto leave our office (postage time will be on top of this) upon our return to office.  Please do not request priority processing.
  • Documents must be ordered by 10am Monday, 14 December to be sent out this side of the University shutdown.  We are only able to complete your course completion letters and finalised transcripts if your student record is able to be completed (cannot be completed if course rules not met, outstanding grades, outstanding fees, school assessment required),  If there is school assessment or pending units outstanding, they will be processed upon our return in the new year.  Please allow 2 weeks processing as orders will be processed in order of receipt and once we have confirmation from the school of completion.
  • December 2020 Graduations - only students who were declined in September had the opportunity to move their registration to December and graduate in absentia.  This opportunity has now closed, we were not able to accommodate any currently enrolled students due to the GPA neutral scheme.
  • April 2021 Registrations are closing - Due to registrations reaching capacity, the registration for April 2021 will close 5pm Friday, 18 December - we are unable to include any further registrations We are uncertain what format the April 2021 graduation round will be held, we will update any registered students via email as information becomes available - we hope to be able to provide details by early February.
  • September 2021 Registrations will open through your MySR Saturday, 18 December 2020 - this is due to April registrations reaching Capacity and will close 5pm Tuesday, 4 May 2021. There will be no late registration period. Please ensure you register early during the opening period or prior to capacity being reached. Registration period is short due to the University moving to a new student record system and the need to finalise details, so please ensure you are organised and register early.  Again, we are uncertain what format the September 2021 graduation round will be held, we will update any registered students via email as information becomes available.