Graduation Information

Our new Student Management System is going live on 6 October 2021. This will change the way that we complete your academic record and how you register to attend a graduation ceremony.

More information on how your program completion will be processed and how to register to attend a graduation ceremony in our new Student Management System will be available soon.

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November 2021 Ceremonies

COVID-19 has made holding graduation ceremonies difficult. Ceremonies currently planned for November 2021 have been postponed due to the current public health order. More information will be sent to graduates registered to attend ceremonies in November as soon as we can confirm when rescheduled ceremonies will occur. We appreciate your patience at this time. We will mail your graduation documents directly to you – you don’t need to wait for a graduation ceremony to be held. In order for us to send your graduation documents, you will need to confirm your delivery address details and make payment for postage through OneStop.

2022 Applications to Graduate

Registrations for Round 1 (April/May) 2022 closed on 13 September in preparation for our move to a new Student Management System in October. We will update this page with more information on how your course will be completed in the new system soon.

Graduated before 2021 and need your graduation documents?

If you graduated in absentia prior to 2021 and would now like to pay to receive your graduation documents, please email and we will provide you with details on how to make payment. Due to current public health orders we have limited access to campus facilities and there may be a delay in accessing your graduation documents to post to you.

Important Note for Printed Academic Document Orders

In order to keep our staff safe, we have currently limited staff access to campus. This may mean that there is a delay in processing of your order for printed academic documents. Please allow ample time for processing when placing your order.