Student Carers

Support is available for Student Carers.

If you care for someone with a disability or chronic health condition as outlined in the Carer Recognition Act 2010 , you may be eligible for a Carer Verification Statement (CVS). The Act defines a carer as an individual who provides personal care, support and assistance to another individual with a disability, medical condition (including a terminal or chronic illness or mental illness) or who is frail aged.

You're not eligible for a CVS if the care you provide is:

  • For child/ren who do not have a disability or medical condition
  • Under contract of service
  • Volunteer work for a charitable, welfare or community organisation


  • A course requirement as part of study or training

To apply for a CVS, complete the online form

For any enquiries, contact the Student Welfare Service via WesternNow or call 1300 668 370 (option 4 then option 1) to book an appointment.

What is a Carer Verification Statement (CVS)?

A CVS is a document developed by the Welfare Service to confirm a student's caring responsibilities.

It can be used as supporting documentation for:

Note: If you're studying at The College, apply for an Extension by emailing your teacher and attaching your CVS.

Note: While every effort will be made to accommodate requested changes, the outcome is dependent on tutorial availability. More information is available on the Changing Classes webpage.

How do I apply for a Carer Verification Statement?

Eligible students can apply at anytime throughout their studies by completing the online application and attaching one of the following:


  • Centrelink Carer Payment or Carer Allowance statement

Renewing your Carer Verification Statement

A CVS is valid for

  • 12 months from the date of issue


Once your CVS expires, re-apply by completing the online application.

Support for Carers

If you would like to speak to a Welfare Officer about managing your caring responsibilities alongside your studies, book an appointment by submitting an enquiry via WesternNow or call 1300 668 370 (option 4 then option 1)

External support services include: