Student Carers

Support is available for Student Carers.

If you care for someone with a disability or chronic health condition as outlined in the Carer Recognition Act 2010 , you may be eligible for a Carer Verification Statement (CVS). The Act defines a carer as an individual who provides personal care, support and assistance to another individual with a disability, medical condition (including a terminal or chronic illness or mental illness) or who is frail aged.

You're not eligible for a CVS if the care you provide is:

  • For children who do not have a disability or medical condition
  • Under contract of service
  • Volunteer work for a charitable, welfare or community organisation


  • A course requirement as part of study or training

To apply for a CVS, complete the online form

For any enquiries, contact the Student Welfare Service via or call 1300 668 370 (option 5) to book an appointment.


What is a Carer Verification Statement (CVS)?

A CVS is a document developed by the Welfare Service to confirm a student's caring responsibilities.

It can be used as supporting documentation for:

  • An Extension for Assessment application on the first occasion. Suggested extension period of 7 days from the date the assessment was originally due. If a second extension is required for the same task, a Disruption to Studies application must be lodged with additional supporting documentation.

Note: If you're studying at The College, apply for an Extension by emailing your teacher and attaching your CVS.

Note: While every effort will be made to accommodate requested changes, the outcome is dependent on tutorial availability. More information is available on the Changing Classes webpage.

  • Placement Consideration.  Subject to approval from the relevant school, suggested adjustments may include:
  1. Placements to be located within 60 kilometres of residential address or within 60 minutes on public transport
  2. Placements not to be undertaken within school holiday periods.
  3. Nursing placements to be requested as AM or PM shifts

Important: A CVS does not guarantee the above considerations can be granted. The CVS does not override the inherent requirements of a course or subject. Please view the inherent requirements webpage below and discuss with your APA or DAP

How do I apply for a Carer Verification Statement?

Eligible students can apply at anytime throughout their studies by completing the online application and attaching one of the following:


  • Centrelink Carer Payment or Carer Allowance statement

Renewing your Carer Verification Statement

A CVS is valid for

  • 12 months from the date of issue


Once your CVS expires, re-apply by completing the online application.

Support for Carers

If you would like to speak to a Welfare Officer about managing your caring responsibilities alongside your studies, book an appointment by emailing or call 1300 668 370 (option 5)

External support services include:

Taking care of Yourself

Carer Gateway: Resources to help you look after yourself

Carers NSW: Support for looking after your wellbeing

Relaxation and mindfulness recordings available online through The Western Sydney University Counselling Service