Student Collectives

Western Sydney University has a number of Collectives that students can join. Collectives organise around and advocate based on foundational issues. Each Collective is self-organised, and is supported by Student Representation & Participation. Collectives are autonomous - this means that membership or decision-making power is reserved for students who identify as belonging to that respective equity group. Each Collective has an elected Officer who acts as a Coordinator and Spokesperson for the Collective.

Queer Collective

Western's Queer Collective is for students identifying as LGBTIQ. These student networks help provide peer support, resources and a safe space to our sexuality and gender diverse students, and those who are grappling with questions or issues relating to identifying as LGBTIQ. Current staff and students can check out the Queer Collective via OrgSync.

The Queer Collective is located on every campus. Each Queer Collective maintains the Queer Room. The Queer Room provides a safe place where all people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, queer, or otherwise sex and/or gender diverse can relax in an accepting and inclusive environment.

Parramatta (South)EB.3.16
Penrith (Kingswood)N.G.12
Parramatta City1.1.37

Women's Collective

The purpose of the Women's Collective is to provide support for women on a social, political and cultural platform and engage in discussions and activities that will further develop women's status in society. The Women's Collective also aim to engage in events that support women that have a background of violence, whether its sexual, mental, physical, or emotional in nature.

The Women's Collective is located on every campus. The Women's Collective also maintains the Women's Rooms on each campus - a safe location for all women and female identifying students. The room offers an area to use for quiet study, breastfeeding, meetings and women's events.

Current staff and students can check out the Women's Collective via Orgsync,

Parramatta (South)EB.G.16
Penrith (Kingswood)N.G.13
Parramatta City1.1.33

Ethno-Cultural Collective

The Ethno-Cultural Collective is a student led body that aims to create an autonomous, safe, and inclusive space for students that facilitates discussion around the politics and subsequent injustices that impact ethnic minorities and people of colour.

The ECC would also be a place where students work to create campaigns and advocate on issues specifically related to racism and discrimination. This collective is open to students who identify as being a having an Ethno-cultural background; a Person of Colour (POC), or identifies as having a Cultural and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) background. The Ethno-Cultural Collective is a university-wide group that is working towards being established on every campus. Current staff and students can check out the ECC via OrgSync.

Disability Collective

The Disability Collective is for students who identify as having a temporary or permanent disability (eg: physical, visual, intellectual, etc) or medical condition (eg: anxiety, rheumatism, diabetes, etc). The collective is open to all students who have sensory, intellectual, physical, mental and/or other disabilities or chronic health conditions. The role of the Disability Collective is to remove discrimination on the basis of having a disability and engage in activities and advocacy that will further develop representation of students with disabilities at Western Sydney University. It also serves to assist students who are registered with the university's disability services to have a presence in student representation. The Disability Collective is a university-wide group that is working towards being established on every campus. Current staff and students can check out the Disability Collective via Orgsync.

Indigenous Student Council

Western Sydney University Indigenous Student Council aims to create a sense of community and inclusion for all Indigenous students from all Western Sydney University campuses.  The council will manage and organise social, recreational, community and cultural activities in collaboration with members for members. The council will drive and manage dialogue on topical issues, social awareness and environmental matters for members. The ICS will also participate in programs which actively give back to community. The Indigenous Student Council is a university-wide group that is working towards being established on every campus. Current staff and students can check out the Indigenous Student Council via Orgsync.


For any further information about the Collectives or the SRP model, please contact the Manager, Student Representation & Participation on or search for "Student Representation & Participation" on the Western Sydney University Staff Directory