Alumni Giving

Make a donation today to give UNLIMITED opportunities for talented and hardworking students through scholarships, and provide the support they need to break away from what limits them.

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Meet an alumni donor

David Bruce-Smith, Western Sydney University graduate and donor, is helping to create opportunities for students by supporting scholarships.

"Where I can, I want to help others pursue their education and academic interests," says David.

A firm believer in giving back, David says there are two reasons he supports students at the University. The first is how profoundly liberating an education and scholarship can be. The second is that he is appreciative of the education he received at the University which enhanced his career path.

Join David in supporting students by making a tax-deductible donation towards scholarships today.

"The hard situations I have gone through in my life is a huge motivation for me to work hard and achieve more in my life. Because I know the value of receiving things from others, I know the values of everything that I have in my life, I haven't taken it for granted."

- Makiza Hamidy, Community Scholarship recipient.

Study Expense Relief | $25

Relief for study expenses such as printing credit.

Travel/Transport Support | $75

Relief for travel expenses such as Opal.

Textbook Support | $180

Relief for textbook costs such as book vouchers.

Rental and Housing Assistance | $400

Rental or accommodation assistance.