December 2016 Graduations


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"I am looking for a highly motivated PhD student to contribute to my new Australian Research Council Discovery project that aims to resolve one of the most long-standing questions about the functioning of plants: how much of the carbon that they take up in photosynthesis do they use immediately for growth, and how much do they keep in reserve as insurance for the future?"

"I am looking for two highly motivated and qualified candidates for a PhD program of research based in HIE"s node of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Translational Photosynthesis: Functional genomics of C4 photosynthesis to focus on the fine dissection of enzymes regulating the activity of C4 photosynthesis; and Physiology of C4 photosynthesis to investigate the role of stomata and leaf structure in regulating photosynthesis and water use efficiency."

"I am looking for a highly motivated and qualified candidate for a PhD program of research at the Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment, Western Sydney University, commencing early 2017 under the new Green Cities Initiative – Which Plant, Where, When And Why Database for Growing Urban Greenspace."

"I am looking for highly motivated PhD student to contribute to a NSW Environmental Trust project "A scientific basis for assisted gene migration under climate change". The project objectives are:

  • Characterise neutral and adaptive genetic variation to estimate demographic and evolutionary processes. Do warm/dry populations harbour adaptive variation for drought resilience?
  • Determine the ecological and physiological capacity to respond to climate change. Do plants growing under rainfall regimes found in their native source population outperform plants from different climates ('local-is-best')? Do warm/dry populations have higher resilience to drought?

14 October 2016

An international study has found the economic value of biodiversity in forest productivity is worth roughly US$330 billion per annum, highlighting the importance of protecting the world's remaining species rich ecosystems. Published in Science, the Positive Biodiversity–Productivity Relationship Predominant in Global Forests study is the work of over 80 scientists from 44 countries.

30 September 2016

Dr Jonathan Plett from Western Sydney University's Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment has been awarded a 2016 NSW Young Tall Poppy Science Award for his research and engagement on the relationships between plants and the fungi in soils.

22 September 2016

The female Superb Lyrebird of Australia is finally getting her day in the sun. The male is justly famous for his amazing ability to mimic sounds. But for the first time, scientists have conducted a systematic study of the sounds that female Superb Lyrebirds make. They find that she, too, is a skilled vocalist that can imitate the voices of at least 19 other bird species.

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