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The Hawkesbury Institute confirms its place in world research excellence:

  • 8 Fields Of Research rated as Well-Above World Standard (the highest ranking)
  • Continued strengths in previously highly-rated Fields Of Research
  • HIE's broad interdiscliplinary areas of expertise combine to offer excellence in the sciences

Latest News, Events And Highlights

21 August 2019

New research has found faecal transplants can safeguard the future of koalas and help them adapt to new food sources, leading to a potential solution for relocating koalas between populations.

31 July 2019

Ground-breaking Western Sydney University research reveals adding silicon to wheat crops (Triticum aestivum) increases leaf silicon levels, enhancing tolerance to attacks by chewing insects.

18 July 2019

Western Sydney University researchers will undertake world-first research into sterile insect technology thanks to a $10 million collaborative project managed by Hort Innovation, with significant cash contributions by the University and the Government of South Australia.

Sep 25

Participants at our Soil Biology Masterclass will learn how to adopt practices and strategies to enhance the life in soils and use the power of plant-soil-microbial relationships to unlock soil nutrients, produce healthier and more nutritious plants and understand how microbes drive modern farming success.

The Future Makers: Research From The Hawkesbury Institute

Future makers is the University's research showcase magazine, told through informative storytelling and multimedia. These four stories in Edition Two capture the Hawkesbury Institute's diverse and multidisciplinary expertise...


The Koala - Phascolarctos Cinereus

Dr Ben Moore and Dr Michaela Blyton found that the microbial community of a koala’s intestine can be artificially altered. Read More...

Prof Sally Power at PACE

Prof Sally Power explains that ‘extreme’ could become the new normal for pastoral conditions within the next 30 years. Read More...

Ground-dwelling larva

Assoc Prof Scott Johnson and Dr Ben Moore found that silicon strengthens plants and that plants under attack took up extra silicon from the soil to defend themselves. Read More...

Trees killed by drought

Assoc Prof Brendan Choat is investigating the physiological underpinnings of the widespread die-off of mangroves. Read More...

Excellence In Research Australia 4


85% of the University's assessed research has been ranked at world class or better in the Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) national report.

Out of the University's eleven 5-Star Rankings in ERA4, HIE contributed strongly to much of the research that produced the 5-Star result.


ERA4 5-Star Badge

Ecological Applications, Soil Sciences, Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, Microbiology, Plant Biology, Zoology, Forestry Sciences

ERA4 4-Star Badge

Environmental Science & Management

Australian Research Council

Global Rankings And Research Quality

Western Sydney University is ranked in the top 2% of universities in the world by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings. Our research was rated at 5 Stars for Ecological Applications, Soil Sciences, Ecology, Plant Biology, Forestry Sciences by the 2015 Excellence In Research Australia rankings conducted by the Australian Research Council (ARC).

Western Sydney University is ranked among the top 20 Australian universities for achievements in the prestigious Australian Research Council major grants. Nearly a third of the University's ARC grant income is achieved by the Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment. Find out more...

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