Student Legal Services

Who are we?

The Student Legal Service (SLS) is a free legal advice and referral service. Funded through SSAF funds, the SLS is available to all current domestic and international students of Western Sydney University or Western Sydney University, The College.

The service is provided by qualified lawyers of the Western Sydney University Justice Clinic who, depending on the semester, may be helped by law students completing a clinical legal education subject and / or law graduates completing their Practical Legal Training.

Can we help?

At present, we can advise on the following areas of law:

  • Employment
  • Tenancy and accommodation
  • Consumer rights
  • Minor criminal matters
  • Debt/credit issues
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • On campus parking fines
  • Traffic offences

The SLS may also be able to certify documents as true copies and witness statutory declarations and other formal documents, subject to availability.

If we are unable to help you with your legal enquiry (for example, if we do not advise on that particular area of law or there is a conflict of interest) we will refer you to a more appropriate service.

Please note that the SLS does not provide advice or representation about complaints or matters that involve, or may involve, Western Sydney University or Western Sydney University, The College.  We also do not advise on migration, visa, family law or major criminal matters.

Contact details

If you would like legal help please call the Student Legal Service on 02 9685 4788, or email the completed SLS Request For Help form to

Alternatively, the SLS is open for drop-in appointments from 10am until 3pm on Tuesdays, during Autumn and Spring semester teaching weeks. Drop-in appointments take place at the Western Sydney University Justice Clinic, Building EJc, Parramatta South Campus.

The Student Legal Service is staffed 2 days per week. We will try to contact you within 3 business days of receiving your call or email. Where possible we will give advice over the telephone. Alternatively, we will organise face-to-face appointments if necessary.

To find out further details, please contact us via email at

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of problems do you help with?
SLS provides advice on a range of different areas of law. If your problem is not an area of law we advise on, we will try to refer you to another service.

Will I have to pay any money for your help?
No. SLS is a free service that is provided through your SSAF funds.

Will I be speaking to a solicitor?
A qualified and professional solicitor from the Student Legal Service will provide you with the legal advice.

Do I have to be a current student?
Yes. In order to receive legal advice, you must be a current student of Western Sydney University or The College.

Are you located on campus?
The SLS is located within the Western Sydney University Justice Clinic on the Parramatta South campus in Building EJc.  If you would like to make an appointment to meet with a lawyer, please contact the SLS by phone or email first.

Can you represent me at court?
The SLS is not currently resourced to be able to represent students at court, but is able to provide referral to legal services who can.

Will my information be kept confidential?
Yes. All information provided to SLS, including advice given, will be kept confidential.

SLS Fact Sheets

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