GradLife and Alumni Benefits

GradLife Card
Alumni provides a large range of GradLife and Alumni Benefits to graduates of Western Sydney University. GradLife Membership is free and open to all graduates of the University. All GradLife members will be notified by email of any new benefits or special offers exclusive to WesternU Alumni, as well as any additional news, event invitations or networking opportunities.To become a GradLife Member you need to register online at GradLife online (opens in a new window).

All GradLife members have to register as a new user their first time using the GradLife Online portal.

Join GradLife Online Now (opens in new window)

Already a GradLife member but want to update or replace your GradLife card? Follow these steps:

  • Login to GradLife online (opens in a new window)
  • click on "Update your Details"
  • Ensure your postal address is up to date
  • In the Alumni Card section,check the box for "Please send me an Alumni card".
  • click "update"

All new GradLife alumni members, and requests for new cards, will be issued with a new membership card (within Australia) will be mailed to the nominated address within 8-10 weeks of confirmation.

GradLife Publications

The latest alumni magazine and e-newsletters, as well as a library of previous editions, are available to view online on the Alumni Publications (opens in a new window) webpage.

GradLife and Alumni Benefits