Special Consideration - Disruption to Studies

Important Information

The Special Consideration policy has been replaced by the Disruption to Studies policy, and now you must have been impacted for at least three consecutive days. The Disruption to Studies policy provides provisions for students who have been adversely affected by a serious and unavoidable disruption to their studies that is beyond their control, to demonstrate the Unit Learning Outcomes through Disruption to Studies provisions.

A Disruption to Studies does not cover the following situations:

Disruption to Studies

Disruption to Studies is a serious and unavoidable disruption that prevents a student undertaking study or completing assessment during the teaching term. The University will provide students who have experienced a serious and unavoidable disruption to their studies a Disruption to Studies provision, which is an opportunity to demonstrate that they have met the learning outcomes for the subject. To be eligible for a Disruption to Studies Provision, the disruption must impact your studies for at least three consecutive days.

Covid-19 and Disruption to Studies

If you have tested positive to COVID-19 and your essential learning activities or exams and assessments have been impacted you are able to complete a Disruption to Studies application. This will require you to include supporting documents. In this instance, a supporting document can be a text message sent to you from NSW Health with the dates of your isolation period, please include a screenshot of this with your application. Noting that a photo of a rapid antigen test will not be accepted as supporting documentation. Given that the close contact rules no longer apply, being a close contact to a Covid case is unlikely to be accepted.

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