There may be times during the course of your studies when you have difficulty with assessments, academics and results. Welfare Officers can provide support and advice in areas dealing with misconduct, Review of Grades and Special Consideration

Misconduct (academic, research and/or general)

Have you been accused of misconduct? There may be a time during your studies when you are accused of academic, research and/or general misconduct. If this happens, it is important to seek help with this process. If you are accused of misconduct, Welfare Officers can assist you by:
  • providing information about your appeal or grievance options
  • informing you about relevant policies or process
  • reviewing your appeal or grievance documents before you submit them
  • preparing you for meetings
  • attend misconduct hearings with you

A common example of student misconduct is plagiarism. Western Sydney University has a strong stance against plagiarism. The University defines plagiarism as "submitting or presenting work in a unit as if it were the student's own work done expressly for that particular unit when, in fact, it was not".

If you are accused of plagiarism, or any other misconduct, make an appointment to see the Welfare Officer on your campus immediately.

For more information refer to the below:

Student Misconduct Rule (opens in a new window) for incidents from 1 January 2016.

Academic Appeals Procedures (opens in a new window)

Procedural Fairness and Good Decision Making Guidelines

Review of Grade

You may be eligible to apply for a review of your final grade. For information on the circumstances under which you can apply for Review of Grade please refer to the Review of Grade policy.

Special Consideration

Applying for Special Consideration? Unexpected events can happen which may impact on your studies. For example:

  • you fell ill on the day of an exam
  • a family member passed away
  • you were involved in a car accident
  • there was a family breakdown

You may be eligible to apply for Special Consideration. If you would like more information on Special Consideration, or would like assistance in applying for it, please contact the Welfare Officer on your campus.

For more information visit the Special Consideration webpage.