Centre for Western Sydney

About the centre

Since its creation in 2014, the Centre for Western Sydney has established itself as a research entity of profound rigour. The Centre’s work on jobs distribution and related economic, employment and planning policy is authoritative. Equally, it has brought to the fore a range of analysis exploring the impact of, and ways to mitigate, rising heat in Western Sydney.

Drawing on those sound foundations, Western Sydney University re-launched the Centre on 26 November 2020. This renewed focus will see the full range of the University’s, Western Sydney related, collaborative expertise brought to bear to fulfil a unique commitment in our Act and a central tenet of our mission: supporting the development of Western Sydney. The Centre will research and advocacy with, and for, our region.

Our work

Western Sydney is exposed to the impact of the current pandemic and associated recession as a result of pre-existing socioeconomic inequities relative to other parts of Greater Sydney. These issues create additional urgency for policy responses from all three levels of government. The Centre actively partners with industry and the region’s communities, to ensure policy is based in evidence and, very importantly, co-created with and for Western Sydney.

What we do

Nowhere is population and housing growth occurring at the rates we’re seeing across Western Sydney. A truly liveable approach to development would be one that uses design technology to intensify our engagement with the issues that come with rapid change.

Now in its second year, CatalystWest sees people come together to take charge of their region’s destiny and co-create solutions to the West’s biggest challenges. 

Our people

Our people help the community access Western Sydney University's quality research, and give another way for our researchers to enhance the impact of their internationally-renowned work.

Partner with us

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