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Get involved, meet new people and make your time at Western a memorable one. Life as a student is rich and exciting. It’s about so much more than classes, study and assessments; it’s about making new friends, exploring new things and having FUN! Our team are dedicated to providing unique and engaging events for our students, from trivia to outdoor cinema nights, if you want it they’ve thought of it.

Be sure to also check out Western’s Out & About program which features regular activities and adventures open to all students at discounted rates. Whether you prefer sightseeing, bushwalking, adrenaline experiences or exploring the great Australian outdoors- we’ve got you covered.

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Student Community

The Student Community team looks after many student opportunities and programs.

Western Life – Your Student Community Platform

Student Clubs & The LEAD Program

Inclusive Communities -  Equity Collectives & Chaplaincy

Student Representative Council & W’SUP - Student Editors

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Our mission is to deliver high quality sporting opportunities and experiences that promote general health and well-being whilst creating a sense of belonging and community. We hope that by being involved in sport whilst studying at Western, that you have amazing experiences, develop lifelong friendships and also grow as a person.

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