Alternative Credentialed Short Courses (AltCreds)

Lifelong Learning: Re-imagined

The nature of work is constantly evolving and the demands for ongoing education are well and truly on us. AltCreds, not micro-credentials - there is nothing small in our ambitions in this space, will redefine how you consume quality Higher Education experiences.

AltCreds are designed to be short, stackable, industry relevant, and digitally credentialed learning experiences, all hosted within our WesternX portal.

There has never been a better time to enhance your ability to navigate a disrupted world through further education.

Why choose AltCreds?

Our AltCreds are versatile and can comprise one or more features: 

  • Available online and can be started anytime
  • Self-paced
  • Address professional learning needs or CPD requirements
  • Co-designed with industry partners
  • Non-award but may provide indicative credit toward a Western program
  • Designed by world-class academics
  • Free for WSU students


I wish this short course was available to me before coming into a nursing degree. It would have helped me so much doing this course before I started as a Bachelor of Nursing student, it would have prepared me so much more.

Thank you, WSU, for being a huge part of my journey into nursing through the attainment of the degree. As a mature age student and having worked from the ground up, from AIN to EN, and now RN, I am excited about what my future holds.

 - Susanne Rust, Preparation for Tertiary Nursing Studies

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Alternative Credentials are a digital mechanism for recognising and certifying learning in non-conventional curricula delivered by the university that is not otherwise covered by mainstream curricula in the form of an AQF-defined certificate, diploma or degree.

Not every short course is a micro-credential and some short courses can 'stack-up' beyond the definition of micro. Micro-credentials presuppose certification of assessed learning, whereas the concept of Alternative Credentials is broader, it includes certification of both assessed and non-assessed learning.

Every AltCred course landing page lists the target audience for the course, what level it is taught at, volume or learning and whether there are any prerequisites for the short course.

Western AltCreds use Accredible credentialling engine which allows you to accumulate your badges and certificates in your 'digital wallet'. You can then share them on any networking platform or downloada PDF version of it. These digital credentials are not AQF-defined degrees and can be used in addition to your formal degree.

The Digital Credentials information page lists a sample certificate and badge.

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