Student Representation & Participation

Student Representation & Participation (SRP) supports the student representative structures and equity networks within Western Sydney University including the:

This support includes strategic advice, financial oversight and facilitation of the student voice. Please note SRP are a small group of University staff who support the activities of the groups listed above. SRP staff members do not hold positions on these councils – the councils are an independent student body.

How does the Student Representation model work?

Every campus has a student representative body called the Student Campus Council (SCC).  Each year 11 students from each campus are elected by students to form the SCC on their campus. The SCC's role is to identify, enhance and promote the interests of students of that campus.

Three members of each SCC are then chosen to form the Student Representative Council (SRC). The SRC is the primary student representative body of the University that brings all the SCCs together to advocate for the interests of students across all campuses.

Six students across the University are also elected each year to produce the Student Newspaper, W'SUP. Editor positions are advertised in the Student Representation and Participation Notice of Election (available during elections).


For more information about these roles and how to apply visit Why Become A Student Representative.

The SRP model is established under a Western Sydney University policy and underlying Procedures.

Procedures and Structure

The SRC has voted to amend the procedures, which will modify the structure so that all student representatives on the SRC are directly elected by their constituents. More information about the SRC structure and elections will be posted soon. If you have any questions, contact the SRP team. Please see below for relevant information.

What can representatives help me with?

Student representatives aim to invigorate the student body at the University. Each representative is a student from a diverse range of backgrounds, cultures and areas of study. Student reps on your campus will be able to listen and assist on matters relating, but not limited, to:

  • Food outlets and prices
  • Parking and transport
  • Academic teaching quality
  • Student services
  • Clubs, societies and campus life
  • Social action and campaigns
  • Campus ideas and activities
  • Disability access
  • Campus safety

If you have an issue or idea which you wish to seek support for, please visit the SRC website (opens in a new window) or visit one of our offices below.

Student Campus Council contacts and office locations

Want to drop your SCC a line or visit them for a chat? Find them on campus or visit the SRC page (opens in a new window) for more information a full list of contacts.

campus email office location
Bankstown 1.1.210
Parramatta EF.G.12
Penrith N.G.25
Campbelltown 4.G.10A
Hawkesbury K4.G.82

Contact the SR&P team

For any further information about the SRP model, please contact the Manager, Student Representation & Participation on or search for "Student Representation & Participation" on the Western Sydney University Staff Directory.