Your grades will be checked after the results release date to determine whether your progress in your studies is satisfactory.

If you do not meet progression rules or are 'at risk' you will receive an email to your student email account with further instructions. Email is the official communication channel between you and Western Sydney University and it is a condition of your enrolment as a Western Sydney University student that you check your student email account on a regular basis.

What is progression?

Once you enrol, you must pass enough units to progress through to graduation. Progression identifies poor academic performance while also giving you an opportunity to address your performance and seek advice and counselling on your options. Secondly, it prevents you from having to pay significant fees by continued poor academic performance.

Please refer to the below guides for more information about what this may mean for you and where you can seek advice or help with your studies:

What is a progression check?

Progression checks happen at the end of Autumn and Spring Session, to check students against progression rules. Your academic progress may be checked at other times to take into account late grades, deferred exam results, Summer Session or courses taught over four terms. These checks identify if you have performed poorly in the previous six or 12 months. After these checks you may be considered 'at risk', placed on conditional enrolment or excluded from study at Western Sydney University.

What are progression rules?

Information on the progression rules and the Progression and Unsatisfactory Academic Progress Policy is available on the progression rules page.

How will I be notified?

Progression emails are sent to your Western Sydney University student email after final results are released each session. Make sure you check your student email account at this time to see if you're affected as there are strict deadlines for submitting appeals against your progression status.

Why have I received two progression letters?

If you have received two progression letters, it is because you have failed multiple progression rules. Please note the highest progression status will be applied to you. For example, if you have received a 'Conditional Enrolment' notification and an 'At Risk' notification, the 'Conditional Enrolment' outcome will be applied. Please refer to the progression rules page for further information.

My progression email says I'm going to lose access to my WesternAccount. What does this mean?

Your WesternAccount gives you access to all Western Sydney University systems (including My Student Records (MySR), PlatformWeb, vUWS etc) while you're a current Western Sydney University student. Once your enrolment is discontinued, you can only access these systems for another 90 days. You will receive an email to your Western Sydney University student email account advising you of the exact date your access will cease.

How do I appeal against progression?

You have the right to lodge an appeal against your progression status. Make sure you check the progression appeal process page for details on how to lodge an appeal.

I am enrolled in units for Summer – how does my progression email effect Summer?

'At risk' students may enrol in Summer Session as it offers them an opportunity to improve their academic results and be removed from the 'at risk' category.

Students who are on 'conditional enrolment' will be limited to studying one unit in Summer Session. This is half the load available to all other students.

If you have been excluded and are currently enrolled in one or more units in Summer Session, you can continue your enrolment in those units or you can remove them before the relevant Summer Session census date

Please keep in mind if you have been excluded, your enrolment in all other teaching sessions is cancelled. If you choose to continue your Summer Session enrolment, your exclusion status will be applied at the end of the Summer Session.

Need help?

If you are concerned about your grades and would like advice, speak to your Director of Academic Programs straight away. Western Sydney University also offers counselling and learning support through Student Support Services. More information is available on the services and facilities page.

If you're an International student and your academic progress is not satisfactory, the Department of Immigration may not grant a visa extension or may even cancel your existing student visa. You should contact one of the campus based International Student Advisors.

If you have any questions regarding any visa implications, please visit the International Student Support webpage or contact the Student Welfare Service by email at

You should contact one of the campus based International Student Advisors. More information on the progression rules and the Progression and Unsatisfactory Academic Progress Policy is available on the progression rules page. For questions about how progression applies to you, contact the Examinations Team on 4736 0600 or email

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