Important dates


4 June Last dau of Stuvac
5 June Autumn Session exams start
5 June English Language 06 Session starts
9 June English Language AUT Session ends
12 June Autumn Session exams continue
18 June Q2 Session ends
19 June The College T2 Session starts
25 June 1H Session ends
25 June Autumn Session exams end
25 June Autumn Session ends
25 June R1 Session ends
25 June R1A Session ends
26 June Inter session break starts
26 June R1A census date
26 June 2H Session starts
26 June Q3 Session starts
26 June 2nd Research (R2) Session starts
30 JuneAutumn Results Released
4 JulyAutumn Deferred Timetable published
7 JulyAutumn Deferred Exams commence
14 JulyAutumn Deferred Exams end

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