Manufacturing Futures: Beyond Business as Usual


There is much discussion about the future of manufacturing in Australia, but before talking about what's needed and what we should do, let's look at what's working in Australian manufacturing right now. This video shows how just and sustainable Australian manufacturers are creating jobs, redressing environmental harms and benefiting communities through their work.

Based on research from the Reconfiguring the Enterprise: Shifting Manufacturing Culture in Australia project, funded by the Australian Research Council.


The “meet cute” is the moment in which two unlikely people encounter each other while going about their ordinary lives, and something extraordinary begins. In the romantic comedy The Holiday (2006), Arthur (Eli Wallach) describes it thus to Iris (Kate Winslet):
Replacing cars that run on fossil fuels with electric cars will be important in meeting climate goals – road transport produces more than 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions. But there are obstacles to wider uptake, particularly in Australia.
Congratulations to Dr Luke Munn who has won the inaugural Western Sydney University Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research, Enterprise and International) Prize for Doctoral Thesis Excellence. This prize is awarded in recognition of the candidate's examiners’ outcome, publication and impact, and overall quality of the thesis and candidature.
Last week, South Australia announced a mobile phone ban in primary schools. Federal Education Minister Dan Tehan endorsed the ban. Despite claims students’ use of mobile phones at school is connected with lower academic performance, we actually don’t have sufficient data to back the policy.


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