Young and Resilient Research Centre


Research shows that the drivers of resilience are complex and thus require holistic, socio-ecological responses. Underpinned by interdisciplinary approaches and youth-centred, participatory methods, the Young and Resilient Research Centre (incorporating the Intergener8 Living Lab) generates evidence-based policy and practice outcomes that leverage the digital to strengthen the resilience of young people and their communities.

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New research by Western Sydney University and the University of Newcastle has identified examples of a just and sustainable culture of manufacturing in Australia, and calls for policy changes to safeguard the sector’s future.
It is the year of the Tokyo Olympics, and the International Olympic Committee was quickly out of the blocks with new guidelines regarding athlete protests.
Australians must take a long-term approach to living with the threat of large bushfires. This means learning from Indigenous people, who have always had long-term interests at heart when looking after the landscape, Leslie Schultz, Dr Jessica Weir, and Helen Langley write. Working together places us in the strongest position to help look after all that we value.
How do you support people forever attached to a landscape after an inferno tears through their homelands: decimating native food sources, burning through ancient scarred trees and destroying ancestral and totemic plants and animals?


Western Sydney University (WSU) is pleased to host the 2019 Australian Sociological Association Conference, a return to Sydney for the first time since 2010.
A collage of 4 images showing hands sewing and working with power tools, and sets of gloves.
We will hear from researchers, enterprises and artists involved in efforts at transforming business as usual.
Accelerating Climate Action: Social crises and climate emergencies. Beyond the Paris Agreement.
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Hosted by the Community Economies Strategic Initiative, Institute for Culture and Society.