Young and Resilient Research Centre


Research shows that the drivers of resilience are complex and thus require holistic, socio-ecological responses. Underpinned by interdisciplinary approaches and youth-centred, participatory methods, the Young and Resilient Research Centre (incorporating the Intergener8 Living Lab) generates evidence-based policy and practice outcomes that leverage the digital to strengthen the resilience of young people and their communities.

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A team of housing experts, led by Associate Professor Louise Crabtree, has made a submission in response to the NSW Government’s A Housing Strategy for NSW - Discussion Paper. The submission details the benefits of housing cooperatives and community land trusts (CLTs) as alternatives to current models.
New research by Dr Emma Power finds that older women who rent are struggling in an insecure and unaffordable rental market. A combination of high housing costs and low incomes leaves many living in substandard housing and unable to afford necessities like food and energy bills.
In a report released today, single older women living on low incomes describe to Dr Emma Power how high and rising rents left them struggling to meet day-to-day costs. Many paid rent before they bought food or paid power bills because the alternative was eviction.
Emeritus Professor David Rowe has published an article in Journal of Sociology on the impact of COVID-19 on sport, looking into how the globalisation of sport has created a structural imbalance and vulnerability, and why sociology must play a role in reforming sport after the pandemic.


The Cultural Infrastructure Research Group is a collection of ICS researchers who have developed a body of work which analyses and identifies the needs for cultural infrastructure in Greater Metropolitan Sydney.
Audience at the Mapping the Humanities event.
The ICS Seminar Series presents an exciting breadth of social and cultural research from the Institute’s renowned staff and doctoral candidates as well as a range of national and international visiting scholars.
The work of ICS researchers is featured in the latest issue of the University’s FutureMakers magazine. Read about their research successes, impact and partnerships.
Issues is a journal of short essays, housed at the Institute for Culture and Society, Western Sydney University. We encourage each author to write in English and one other language.