Manufacturing Futures: Beyond Business as Usual


There is much discussion about the future of manufacturing in Australia, but before talking about what's needed and what we should do, let's look at what's working in Australian manufacturing right now. This video shows how just and sustainable Australian manufacturers are creating jobs, redressing environmental harms and benefiting communities through their work.

Based on research from the Reconfiguring the Enterprise: Shifting Manufacturing Culture in Australia project, funded by the Australian Research Council.


For most of us, it’s hard to imagine a media-free day.Understanding what’s happening in the world, maintaining our social media profiles, staying in touch with family, being entertained, making new friends, engaging with governments, and with our democracy, are all activities that usually require media participation.
During COVID-19 lockdowns, a major concern for LGBTIQ+ communities, mental health professionals and academics was that young lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer and questioning, intersex and asexual+ people may suffer from being stuck in transphobic, biphobic or homophobic households.
A new online resource will help local councils, planners and developers create cooler cities in a warming climate, especially in areas such as western Sydney where heatwave temperatures are expected to reach 50C by 2050.
Our cities, designed for one set of climatic ranges, are increasingly “out of place” as average temperatures rise. The days above 40℃ and nights above 30℃ are increasing, especially in the expanding suburbs of Australian cities. This presents us with a massive redesign project.


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