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IAC Culture Talks is a cross-disciplinary series exploring a diverse range of topics from contemporary society in mainland China, the Chinese Cultural Renaissance Movement in Taiwan to cultural investigations across Asia. For the Inaugural Lecture, we are greatly honoured and privileged to have the renowned and widely published scholar of media and cultural studies, Professor Wanning Sun of the University of Technology Sydney (UTS).
For Lecture 3, IAC is honoured and privileged to have invited Yvett Klein who has been an Asian Art Specialist at the Bonhmas since 2011 and received two Masters’ degrees from the University of Sydney, one in Museum Studies, the other in Art History for which she was awarded the Francis Stuart Prize for outstanding research in Asian Art. Yvett will share with our audiences “Chance Encounters: Untold Tales of Great Journeys made by some Chinese Paintings found in Australia”.
Professor David Walker is recognised as a leading authority in the study of Australian perceptions of Asia. He has travelled widely in Asia. In 2012 David Walker met Professor Li Yao, the foremost translator of Australian writing in China. After Professor Li Yao decided to translate Professor Walker's  memoir "Not Dark Yet", the two men got to know each other well and travelled together throughout China. In this episode of "My China Story", Professor Walker shared his China experiences and talked about his collaboration with Professor Li Yao.


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IAC is honoured and thrilled to present this very special exhibition which includes eight paintings, created by Aboriginal artists from across central Australia and selected from the National Museum of Australia’s collection. The exhibition opening is on 15 June 2023.
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Art Talks aims to explore and to present traditions and forms of Chinese art and the influence of Chinese art on various new or renewed forms and styles of art in Australia, mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and around Asia Pacific. The Inaugural Lecture has been given by Dr Guan Wei.
My China Story is a distinctive, face-to-face conversation series to build a three-dimensional understanding of China. Each conversation features a guest speaker who will share individual stories and experiences to enable audiences to build their own perception and understanding of China.