Division of Infrastructure and Commercial

6 Hassall St, Parramatta

The Division of Infrastructure and Commercial (I&C) is responsible for managing the University's portfolio of properties, the strategic planning and operational management of the University's built infrastructure, properties (both owned and leased) and related services. Through the application of best-practice project delivery processes, I&C endeavours to ensure projects are completed on time, on budget and in accordance with the approved scope and specifications. The Division also manages the strategic environmental planning, management, implementation and development of the sustainability agenda, in line with the University’s strategic goals.

Western Sydney University is operating in a higher education sector that is increasingly under pressure. To respond proactively and strategically the University is transforming its delivery of services, curriculum, campus footprint, and academic structures.  We will continue to reshape our campus network to create technology enabled learning, teaching and research facilities for our staff and students. We will work with all levels of government to support the ambitious vision for the transformation of Sydney as six interconnected cities.

Working in partnership with all areas of the University community, the Division will:

  • Bring the highest quality educational opportunities and world-class research expertise to Australia’s fastest growing region, Western Sydney
  • Ensure that all University campuses have the infrastructure that supports our vision
  • Implement a strategic, transparent and equitable process for the planning and delivery of capital projects
  • Preserve and enhance the unique aesthetics of the campuses, taking account of the individual campus uniqueness
  • Develop, implement and manage the sustainability agenda in line with the University’s vision, and
  • Maintain a secure, safe and healthy environment for everyone who uses our campuses.

The Division is comprised of six business units:


Supports the University in reshaping the campus network to deliver accessible, technology-infused vertical campuses in the region’s CBDs and building on the unique characteristics of our horizontal campuses as part of existing brownfield or emerging precincts.


Oversees the University’s commercial and campus services including student accommodation, retail facilities and external venue hire. The team leads the management of the University’s real-estate acquisitions, disposals and leasing opportunities.


Leveraging development opportunities and implements strategies surrounding the University’s estate development and growth opportunities to realise the University’s mission and establish a sustainable future for the University.


Responsible for the upkeep and lifecycle planning of the WSU built environment, including building infrastructure, fixed plant, associated equipment, cleaning, recycling and waste management, as well as grounds and landscaping across all University campuses and auxiliary sites, alongside the delivery of Estate Plan infrastructure projects.


Seeks to develop practical and collaborative actions to emerging issues such as climate change and social responsibility. Progress in relation to organisational commitments and expectations, mitigation of environmental risks, and ensuring environmental compliance are all part of the business of environmental sustainability.


Providing a safe and secure environment for our students, staff and visitors is core business - we’re responsible for your safety on our campuses, as well as parking compliance. We also ensure that every campus, building and facility is secure, safe and accessible when needed.