Student facilities

Below is a list of rooms and facilities that you can use freely whenever you're on campus. Scroll down for Queer rooms, Women's rooms and Parent's rooms.

Student facility locations
  Communal kitchens Muslim prayer rooms Prayer and meditation facilities
Bankstown 1.G.18 10.G.19 (f)
10.G.20 (m)
10.G.15 (access via 10.G.13)
Campbelltown 4.G.10 (access via 4.G.09) 2.2.02 (partitioned (f) access via 2.2.03 (m) access via 2.2.03) 2.2.07
Hawkesbury H7.G.02
(no disabled access) 
G1.G.46A (learning commons space) K4.1.14
P22.G.02 P23.G.01
Kingswood K.1.64
P.G.01 (student social space)
H.G.04a (partitioned)
(m) access via H.G.01 (f) access via H.G.04A
H.G.10 (access via H.G.02)
Parramatta EEA
EA.LG.14B (m)
EA.LG.14D (f)
Werrington South BN.G.01   
  Queer rooms Women's rooms Parent's rooms
Bankstown 1.1.211 1.1.211 1.G.07
Campbelltown 4.G.07 2.2.05 4.G.02
Hawkesbury K4.G.100 K4.G.74 K4.G.20
Kingswood N.G.12 N.G.13 K.1.05D
ParramattaEB.3.16 EB.G.16 EN.LG.23