A Bachelor Honours degree may be taken as an additional year following a three year degree (see list below) or is awarded on the basis of meritorious achievement in degrees of four or more years.

Apply online for Honours (opens in a new window) by the advertised closing date.

If you have any questions about an Honours course, including how to apply, contact the Western Sydney University Course Information Centre via email or phone 1300 897 669.

Honours Course List:

The table below lists the name, location and duration of the available Honours courses.

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Psychology Bankstown 1F or EqP
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) Penrith; Parramatta; Sydney City 4F / 8P
Bachelor of Engineering Advanced (Honours) Penrith; Parramatta 4F
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)/Bachelor of Business Penrith; Campbelltown; Bankstown; Parramatta 5F /10P
Bachelor of Industrial Design (Honours) Penrith 4F / 8P
Bachelor of Nursing (Honours) Parramatta 1F or EqP
Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Honours) Campbelltown 4F
Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours) Campbelltown 4F
Bachelor of Podiatric Medicine (Honours) Campbelltown 4F
Bachelor of Science (Honours) Mathematics Campbelltown; Parramatta 1F or EqP

Key: F = Full Time; EqP = Equivalent Part Time

Note: 'part-time' refers to study load, not to timetabling of evening classes.

Further Studies

Postgraduate research programs are available to our high-achieving students. Information and details on how to apply will be provided to you as you progress through your Bachelor degree. For more information, please see Master of Research.