Equipment Booking

Western Sydney University  – your partner of choice for state-of-the-art research equipment

Western Sydney University has an array of specialist research facilities and equipment to support wide-ranging research, knowledge and expertise in the research community. This equipment is now available to external users through an arrangement suitable to the project. This can include supervision or a fee-for-service basis on some equipment.

Whether you are a researcher or an industry expert, our state-of-the-art instrumentation will help you keep on the cutting edge of research in a broad variety of fields or promote your business through these high-end analyses.

Our capabilities for characterisation, imaging and microanalysis are unique and can offer new insights into the development of new materials and pharmaceuticals, in chemical and forensic analysis, and in plant and animal samples.

The University's modern research facilities are located on our different campuses in Sydney's Greater West, all of which are conveniently accessible by car or public transport.

To access or register for the instrumentation online booking system, please click through to the Instrumentation Booking site (opens in a new window). Please note this is an external link.

For information on how to register and use the online booking system please refer to the ACLS Guides listed under Related Documents.