Important Dates

All dates for exams, results and progression, for all terms, can be found on the Academic Year Dateline page.

Online Exams

Online exams may be held in different formats; vUWS only or Live+ with Proctor U. Please refer to your timetable or vUWS site for information on how your final exam/s will be run.  You may not have the same delivery type for all your exams.  More information regarding online exams can be found here.

On Campus Exams

On campus exams are being held at Kingswood and Parramatta Campus for the Autumn/1H session. Please refer to your timetable or vUWS site for information on how your final exam/s will be run. You may not have the same delivery type for all your exams. More information regarding on-campus exams can be found here.

Exam Timetable

Your exam timetable will be released approximately 2 weeks prior to your final exams and you will be advised via email.  Your exam timetable will indicate your exam date and time and exam delivery details.  When checking your exam timetable, please make sure you are choosing the correct exam event eg Spring/2H or you will not be able to view your personalised timetable. More information on accessing your exam timetable can be found here. You can find the dates for future exam events on the Academic Year Dateline page.

Deferred Exams

If you are unable to attend a final exam due to a serious illness, misadventure or other exceptional circumstances beyond your control you can apply for a deferred exam. A Deferred Exam Application must be lodged online no later than 5.00pm on the second working day after your scheduled exam. Deferred exam applications are completed using the Deferred Exam electronic eForm. Please ensure you have all the relevant supporting documentation prior to submitting your form.  More information on Deferred Exams can be found here.

Supplementary Exams

A supplementary exam may be granted as an outcome of a Special Consideration application. Supplementary Exams are organised by your Subject Coordinator and School administration staff. A Special Consideration Application must be lodged online no later than 5.00 pm on the second working day after your scheduled exam. Disruption to Study applications are completed using the Disruption to Study electronic eForm. More information on Disruption to Studies can be found here.

WSU Online students - please request a Supplementary assessment by emailing help@westernsydneyonline.edu.au

Are you a WSU Trimester student?

Please note that if you are studying entirely with Western Sydney University Online in Trimester terms, they have different exam arrangements and you should contact the WSU Online student support team for assistance on 1300 050 935 or email exams@westernsydneyonline.edu.au.

Are you an overseas student?

If you are currently located overseas and have firewall issues preventing you from completing a Proctored exam, please contact the examinations team at examinations@westernsydney.edu.au for advice on how to complete your final exams.

Exam FAQs

The below information applies to all exam delivery methods.

Your responsibilities at exam time

At exam time you must ensure you:

  1. Know where your exam is
  2. Are on time for your exam
  3. Present a valid Western Sydney University Student ID Card at the exam
  4. Check your student email account and personal exam timetable (opens in a new window) regularly in the lead up to and during the exams
  5. Contact the Examinations Team at examinations@westernsydney.edu.au if you believe you have exams and have not received advice of this within four weeks of the start of the examination period
  6. Comply with all exam conditions and directions by exam supervisors

Exam timetable changes

While your exam timetable will generally remain the same, sometimes there are events that mean exam times and locations have to be changed.

Make sure that you are checking your current exam timetable regularly in the lead up to and the day of the exams as times and locations may change. You can access your exam timetable at https://exams.westernsydney.edu.au/timetable/personal.php

Don't save or cache a screenshot of your exam timetable as you may not have the most up to date version.

You should also check your email account to receive information about possible disruptions to exams in the lead up to, and during, the exam period.

What time do exams start?

Check your exam timetable carefully as some exams may be scheduled at a different time or on campuses where the subject is not studied.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are present at exams at the correct time and place. No additional time will be granted for time lost due to late arrival. The University will not provide consideration as per the Disruption to Studies policy in cases where the student has misread or misunderstood the examination timetable.

*Students with Academic Integration Plans and Practicum exams may have personalised starting times.

Where can I find my exam timetable?

You can view your personal exam timetable at https://exams.westernsydney.edu.au/timetable/personal.php.

Exam timetables are generally released in the weeks leading up to exams. We will send you an email when the exam timetable is released but you can check for upcoming exam dates on the Academic Year Dateline page.

We do not give verbal advice of your exam timetable by phone or at Student Central.

Reading Time

All exams include reading time in the total time allowed. No separate reading time will be allocated.

Reading the exam paper before you start answering questions allows you to:

  • compose yourself
  • read the examination paper
  • plan your answers

You should read the instructions and questions carefully before you begin writing.

You are allowed to begin writing straight away if you wish.

What do I do if I cannot attend my exam?

If you are unable to attend a final exam due to a serious illness, misadventure or other exceptional circumstance beyond your control please refer to the Disruption to Study policy which outlines the eligibility criteria for deferred exams.

To apply for a deferred exam please refer to the Deferred Exam webpage. Access to a deferred exam is a privilege and not an automatic right.


The University has a formal security program in accordance with industry standards in place that protects the security and integrity of the services being provided and the information being collected. The University cannot use student's personal information for any reason other than the supervision/ invigilation of exams.