• The Autumn/1H deferred exam timetable will be available after 5.00pm Monday 6 July. Please check your personalised timetable and follow the instructions to prepare for your exams.
  • The University has made changes to our examinations this session since moving to online learning in response to COVID-19. There will be fewer examinations as many exams have moved to alternative assessments. The exams that will be held will be delivered via vUWS under examination conditions. There will be no face to face written exams held on campus.
  • Online exam delivery will be in different modes for different Units. Please consult your personalised exam timetable for the details of your online exam delivery.
  • Are you ready for online exams? Refer to the Online Exams 10 things to remember checklist (opens in a new window)
  • Getting to exams: You can't be late for your online exams. Ensure you have your equipment set up and working in plenty of time to start your online exam.  

Exam periods

The exam period runs for up to three weeks at the end of Autumn and Spring Sessions. Exams are also run for Western Sydney University Summer teaching sessions. Specific dates for final and deferred exams are advertised on the student dates page towards the end of each session. You need to be available to sit exams during the entire exam period, as work commitments, holidays or other social functions are not considered valid reasons for missing a final exam.

Exam session times

Exam session times for Online Exams have changed. Please check your personalised exam timetable for detailed start time information. The start time have been varied to maximise the efficiency of vUWS and the online exams systems. Finishing times will depend on the length of your exam. Please check the duration. If you have a Live+ or Review+ ProctorU exam, please allow an extra 20-30 minutes for exam setup and room checks before your exam is launched.

Verbal exam timetable advice will not be disclosed over the phone or at Student Central.

You can access your personalised exam timetable in My Exam Timetable.(opens in a new window) Make sure you keep checking your student email and personal exam timetable in case there is an exam venue change. It is your responsibility to check your exam timetable the day before each exam in case there is a late exam venue change.

Exam attendance

Your attendance at the online exam will be noted in vUWS. If you have a Live+ ProctorU exam and fail to book a session by 29 May you may not be able to attend. You are required to be logged into vUWS (and ProctorU) several minutes before your exam time to ensure you are settled and can start on time.

You can’t be late for your online exam. As there is no travel involved you are expected to sit your exam at the scheduled time. If you are late to your exam you may not be able to log in and complete it. Special consideration or a deferred exam will only be considered in extenuating circumstances. Please see the deferred exam page for further details.

For ProctorU exams you are required to present a valid Student ID card. Your drivers license or Passport can only be used if your Student ID card is expired or you are a new student and have not yet received your ID. Any ID not matching current student records may be reported to your Unit Co-ordinator for Academic misconduct investigation.

Online and external students

Online Exam arrangements are the same for Online and external (distance) students. Please ensure you check your personalised exam timetable and read any emails sent about the details of your exams.

Students studying entirely with Western Sydney University Online in Trimester sessions have different exam arrangements and should contact the WSU Online student support team for assistance https://online.westernsydney.edu.au/contact-us/

What to do if you can't attend your exam

If you are unable to attend a final exam due to a serious illness, misadventure or other exceptional circumstance beyond your control you can apply for a deferred exam.

For more information about deferred exams please read the Western Sydney University Examination policy. Access to a deferred exam is a privilege and not an automatic right.

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