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Should the Commonwealth Games come with a health warning?

Governments often justify spending money on sports events like the Commonwealth Games because they leave a “legacy”, including increases in physical activity among the population.

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Materials that make heat worse for our kids demand a rethink by designers

It is with some relief that Australians are leaving behind the excruciatingly hot days of summer. But did you ever stop to think about the role of design in making matters better – or worse?

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Why does some tap water taste weird?

Every year Australia’s councils contest the academy awards of the water industry: the Best Tasting Tap Water in Australia. Entrants compete on clarity and colour as well as taste and odour.

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Can the Commonwealth Games change perceptions of the Gold Coast?

Just as the Australian men’s cricket ball-tampering scandal exhausts itself at last, the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games appears, as if on cue, to fill the feelgood sporting void.

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Public housing ban on people with drug records likely to do more harm than good, research tell us

The New South Wales government plans to ban people with a history of drug offences from living in social housing in parts of inner-city Sydney.

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Can the cricketers banned for ball tampering ever regain their hero status? It’s happened before

Overnight, Cricket Australia handed out its promised “significant sanctions” for a ball-tampering incident that has engulfed the sport in scandal.

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How birth interventions affect babies’ health in the short and long term

Medical and surgical intervention during birth continues to rise in much of the world. Nearly one in three women who give birth in Australia have a caesarean section.

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Expert highlights wider implications of the Australian cricket scandal

Catching senior Australian cricketers in the act of cheating has exposed its dark underbelly. Emeritus Professor David Rowe weighs in on the wider implications of the Australian cricket scandal.

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