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Morrison must show he stands with the Afghan people

In 1989, days after events in Tiananmen Square, Prime Minister Bob Hawke stood up to let those affected know he would stand by them.

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Opinion: Cyberspace and outer space are new frontiers for national security, according to an expert report

What do cyberspace and outer space have in common? As we make clear in a new report to the Department of Defence, both are new frontiers for national security.

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Opinion: Brad Hazzard is wrong about multicultural western Sydney: new research shows refugees do trust institutions

With COVID numbers surging in Sydney’s western suburbs, NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard speculated that migrant and refugee communities in the region “haven’t built up trust in government”.

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Opinion: ‘When you get home it’s really lonely’: new research shows how athletes cope with post-Olympic life

With the Olympics drawing to a close, many athletes will begin to turn their attention to a crucial yet daunting question: what’s next?

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Opinion: ‘I don’t think the police would do much’: new research shows racism during COVID is rarely reported

It’s not “new” news that Asian Australians are experiencing high rates of racism during the pandemic. However, existing data under-represent the true extent of COVID-related racism.

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Opinion: ‘Dancing ghosts’: a new, deeper scan of the sky throws up surprises for astronomers

Scanning through data fresh off the telescope, we saw two ghosts dancing deep in the cosmos. We had never seen anything like it before, and we had no idea what they were.

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Opinion: Should pregnant women have a COVID vaccine? The evidence says it’s safe and effective

Having a baby brings enough stress and uncertainty without having to deal with a pandemic. Added to that is the difficult decision to have a recently developed vaccine or not.

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Opinion: Is the truth out there? How the Harvard-based Galileo Project will search the skies for alien technology

Can we find alien technology? That is the ambitious goal of the Galileo Project, launched this week by Harvard astrophysicist Avi Loeb with substantial private financial backing.

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