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Dr  David Burchell

PM’s Western Sydney blitz a key test

The Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s upcoming five day tour of the crucial battleground of Western Sydney highlights how the once rock solid NSW Labor Party is now incapable of taking care of the region politically.

Patsy 1

Swimmers' bonding session highlights need for psychologists

The public apology by the Australian men’s swimming team for playing pranks on their teammates as part of a bonding session shows Swimming Australia may have made a big mistake by not having a psychologist to help them relax and bond.

Margaret Vickers

Experts say Wilders’ narrow views ignore Australian truths

Claims by the controversial Dutch politician Geert Wilders that Islam is incompatible with freedom are devoid of intellectual substance ignore the successes of Australian multiculturalism.

David Rowe

Are international crime syndicates gambling with the future of sport?

Revelations that over 700 European soccer matches have recently been fixed should spark a renewed investigation into the formal links between sport and gambling.

Patsy 1

Doping will cause ongoing emotional harm to athletes, says leading sports psychologist

Professional Australian athletes using performance enhancing drugs are often unequipped to deal with the pressures they are facing, and run the risk of causing themselves physical and psychological harm.

Jason 1

Gene manipulation the future of doping in sport

Continuing scientific advances in our understanding of the human genome will make it even more difficult for anti-doping agencies to catch athletes choosing to improve performance.

Mould spores

Queenslanders at risk as flood clean-up continues

As Queensland cleans up from the floods, those affected now face a hidden risk to their health from water-damaged, damp and mouldy buildings.

David Rowe Page

Expert available to comment on Lance Armstrong confession

Lance Armstrong’s interview with Oprah Winfrey looks set to become one of the most compelling, and widely watched, celebrity confessions of all time.

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