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Solar car teaser trailer still

Top secret Solar Car under wraps at Western Sydney University

Excitement is building for the Western Sydney University Solar Car Project. The team has released a teaser trailer video for its sleek, new solar-powered vehicle that will compete in the 2017 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in October.

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If You Are The One

SBS translator of If You Are The One to deliver public talk

Over the last two decades, the head of SBS Subtitling Department, Dr Jing Han from Western Sydney University, has subtitled more than 300 Chinese films and TV programs.

Western Sydney

Survey finds Western Sydney economic boom set to continue

An analysis of economic activity across Western Sydney has found local businesses have exceeded profit targets and consistently hired more staff.

A crèche in a large metropolitan hospital, 1953.

New exhibition Without Consent reveals the personal stories of Australia’s forced adoption past

A new exhibition Without Consent: Australia's past adoption practices has opened at the Whitlam Institute's Margaret Whitlam Galleries in the Female Orphan School, Parramatta South campus.


Students given greater access to higher education through new online courses

Western Sydney University has today launched five new fully online undergraduate courses in the fields of business and social sciences through online arm – Western Sydney University Online.

Research success stories

Acupuncture treatment

Study points to acupuncture to reduce period pain

A study conducted by researchers from Western Sydney University and the University of Auckland has shown that acupuncture treatment significantly reduces period pain intensity, duration and symptoms over time.

Green grass

Proposed benefits of rising carbon dioxide are more likely driven by water

One of the expected benefits from rising atmospheric carbon dioxide is that plants may use less water and avoid some of the damaging effects of drought.

Expert opinion

The Conversation logo

How ‘nudge theory’ can help shops avoid a backlash over plastic bag bans

If you’re like many shoppers, you’ll pass through the self-service checkout, scan your items, and hurriedly place them in the conveniently waiting thin, grey plastic bag before finalising the purchase.

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When it comes to kids and social media, it’s not all bad news

While we often hear about the negative impact social media has on children, the use of sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is not a one-size-fits-all activity. Children use it in a wide variety of ways – some of which are adding value to their lives.

Participate in research


Innovative weight loss study provides rare opportunity for participants

Managing weight loss could become a whole lot easier after preliminary findings from Western Sydney University have found that the way we think may be associated with our ability to shed kilograms.

Language brokering study

Did you translate for your parents? Study explores the role of children as translators

Western Sydney University is conducting a study which looks to explore language brokering, and develop a deeper understanding of children's' experiences and how they felt about taking on this important role within the family unit.