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Dr  David Burchell

Modernised ALP may struggle with cash and policy; political historian

Plans to reduce union influence in the ALP and give members more power must be handled delicately to ensure union donations keep flowing and new members don’t abandon the political centre.

Steven Freeland new

Whaling verdict a clear victory, but Japan still has options; expert

The decision to order a halt to Japanese whaling represents a clear ‘victory’ for environmental activists, but does not necessarily put an end to the issue.

Sue Field

Free babysitting and accommodation: the subtle new form of Elder Abuse

A legal expert is using Seniors Week to warn of a subtle new form of elder abuse, where ‘adult children’ in need of cheap housing and babysitters.

Professor Kevin Dunn

Public intervention in racist abuse crucial: expert

A shocking example of racial abuse has highlighted a troubling truth – when faced with racism, Australians are still reluctant to stand up.

Qantas A380

Hard landing for Qantas no surprise

The Qantas $2 billion cost reduction program and capital expenditure review will take time to yield results, according to a forensic accountant.

Dr  David Burchell

Risk Royal Commission wrong tool to tackle corruption

The Federal Government’s Royal Commission into corruption in the trade union movement could well backfire, losing the opportunity to deal with.


Countdown to Sochi: Let the mental games begin

As the countdown to Sochi reaches the final hours, athletes are entering the crucial period before Olympic competition where they must mentally prepare themselves.

Australian flag

Sport, Sochi and the rising challenge of the activist athlete

In recent decades sportspeople have joined the likes of film and pop stars in the global celebrity ranks. It is hardly surprising then that some have emulated activist actors and “protest” singers.

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