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Can the cricketers banned for ball tampering ever regain their hero status? It’s happened before

Overnight, Cricket Australia handed out its promised “significant sanctions” for a ball-tampering incident that has engulfed the sport in scandal.

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How birth interventions affect babies’ health in the short and long term

Medical and surgical intervention during birth continues to rise in much of the world. Nearly one in three women who give birth in Australia have a caesarean section.

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Expert highlights wider implications of the Australian cricket scandal

Catching senior Australian cricketers in the act of cheating has exposed its dark underbelly. Emeritus Professor David Rowe weighs in on the wider implications of the Australian cricket scandal.

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Just not cricket: why ball tampering is cheating

Australian cricket is engulfed in scandal after TV cameras caught Cameron Bancroft attempting to manipulate the condition of the ball during the team’s third Test match against South Africa.

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Experts wade into World Water Day discussions

A range of Western Sydney University experts have come together to share their views on water sustainability and what it will take to ensure that the 2.1 billion people living on the planet have access to safe drinking water.

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The Conversation: What does a ‘Leb’ look like?

In 2012, I was interviewing a young man, Hamid*, as part of my research on the creative vocational aspirations of Lebanese-Australian young men.

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Slow cycling isn’t just for fun – it’s essential for many city workers

In cities, people use bicycles for far more than just commuting and recreation. For many people, riding a bike is not just a way to get to work; it is a livelihood necessity and helps sustain urban economies.

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What to do when the baby is born before you get to hospital

Women often express a fear of giving birth en route to the hospital, and these fears have some basis. Dramatic videos do the rounds on social media of women giving birth to babies in cars, on their front lawn, or in the car alone

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