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Australia entering difficult legal terrain in Ukraine: expert

An international law expert says the legal challenges facing the Australian Federal Police mission to investigate the MH17 wreckage will become more complex if officers are caught in the crossfire.

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Fire highlights the need for better housing

A fire that led to the discovery of people living in shipping containers and caravans may be shocking, however a UWS expert says the overcrowded, illegal and exploitative accommodation conditions are not uncommon.

Player and a soccer ball

The 2014 World Cup: A Brazilian perspective

Celebrating the World Cup and the national team, the Seleção, is a cultural tradition embedded in Brazilians' lives.

Slender Man in a forest

Slender Man ban the latest moral panic over new technology

Calls to shut down web sites with stories of the fictional character Slender Man are the latest in a long line of confected moral panics over new technology.

ALP budget reaction fraught with peril; political historian

By obstructing spending cuts and distancing itself from the Rudd and Gillard governments, the ALP risks being viewed as unable to accept responsibility.

Dr  David Burchell

Modernised ALP may struggle with cash and policy; political historian

Plans to reduce union influence in the ALP and give members more power must be handled delicately to ensure union donations keep flowing and new members don’t abandon the political centre.

Steven Freeland new

Whaling verdict a clear victory, but Japan still has options; expert

The decision to order a halt to Japanese whaling represents a clear ‘victory’ for environmental activists, but does not necessarily put an end to the issue.

Sue Field

Free babysitting and accommodation: the subtle new form of Elder Abuse

A legal expert is using Seniors Week to warn of a subtle new form of elder abuse, where ‘adult children’ in need of cheap housing and babysitters.

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