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What Australia can learn from Fiji in reducing the working poor

Labor’s calls to raise the minimum wage or other pushes to implement a universal basic income ignore Australia’s system of supporting low-paid workers in other, more important, ways.

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Why sport hasn’t made much progress on LGBTI+ rights since the Sochi Olympics

Athletes from Western nations have various protections, and many now share equal rights in most aspects of the law. But when they travel to compete in countries with regressive human rights records, these protections can be lost.

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When citizens set the budget: lessons from ancient Greece

Today elected representatives take the tough decisions about public finances behind closed doors. Politicians rarely ask voters what they think of budget options and they are no better at explaining the reasons for a budget.

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In Harley Windsor, Australia has its first Indigenous Winter Olympian – why has it taken so long?

Many Indigenous athletes have represented Australia at the Summer Olympics. But, in Pyeongchang, figure skater Harley Windsor is set to become Australia’s first Indigenous Winter Olympian.

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2018 Winter Olympics set to begin against the backdrop of warm words and cold politics

Mega sporting events are always heavily infused with politics, but the impending Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, have almost been buried in a geopolitical avalanche.

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Cape Town is almost out of water. Could Australian cities suffer the same fate?

The world is watching the unfolding Cape Town water crisis with horror. On “Day Zero”, now predicted to be just ten weeks away, engineers will turn off the water supply. The city’s four million residents will have to queue at one of 200 water collection points.

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Instagram is changing the way we experience art, and that’s a good thing

It was perhaps inevitable that Instagram would shake up the art world. Instagram is changing the way we experience and share our visits to exhibitions, and how we perceive art.

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Acting out, acting their age or something more serious? Dealing with difficult behaviour in children

At some stage in every child’s life they will exhibit defiant, impulsive or even disobedient behaviours.

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