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Extreme heat in sport: why using a fixed temperature cut-off isn’t as simple as it seems

Record-breaking temperatures during the Ashes cricket test match in Sydney on Sunday led many to wonder: how hot is too hot to continue playing sport safely?

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AquaSonic merges science and art in an underwater symphony

Many composers have drawn on water to inspire their music. But Denmark’s Between Music performs music in and under water.

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The Winter Olympics and the two Koreas: how sport diplomacy could save the world

The small South Korean town of Pyeongchang, host of this year’s Winter Olympics, has suddenly become the epicentre of one of the most dangerous games in world politics.

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Why we shouldn’t be so quick to demonise bats

Australian health authorities regularly issue public reminders not to touch bats because they can host Australian Bat Lyssavirus (ABLV). This type of health education is necessary because it reduces human exposure to bat-borne diseases.

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Educational activities for the summer break to beat boredom and learning loss

Christmas is over, the novelty of new toys has worn off, and the holiday chorus of “I’m bored” is echoing in households everywhere. What can you do to stop the boredom?

Scott Morrison

Funding freeze on universities will cut to the heart of Western Sydney’s future

Maybe pulling $2.1 billion out of the education budget will allow the Treasurer to put the funds to something he feels is of better use. There’s a state government looking to build a few stadiums.

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No sign of alien life ‘so far’ on the mystery visitor from space, but we’re still looking

The mystery object discovered earlier this year travelling through our Solar system is showing no signs of any alien life, despite plenty of efforts to look and listen for a signal.

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Pregnancy doesn’t ‘cure’ endometriosis, so where does this advice come from?

Many Australian women with endometriosis are reporting they’re being advised a reliable treatment or even possible cure for their endometriosis is to “go away and have a baby”.

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