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David Rowe Page

The Ashes: time to replay the postcolonial pantomime

The Ashes is a different kind of sport series. When the concept first emerged in 1882, the Australian federation was still almost two decades away.

Dr  David Burchell

Changes to ALP rules a power play by PM, says ALP historian

The Prime Minister’s plans to give grassroots ALP members a vote when electing a leader while making it harder to remove a sitting Labor Party PM are attempts to change longstanding Party rules.

Steven Freeland new

Australia's whaling case against Japan inherently risky, says expert

The Federal Government’s whaling case in the International Court of Justice could have significant unintended consequences, even as it seeks to convince the Court that Japan’s whaling program is unlawful.

Cristina Rocha

What is going on in Brazil? The World Cup and its malcontents

In the past fortnight there have been demonstrations in Brazil of a magnitude not seen since the movement for direct elections in the mid-1980s.

Sue Roffey

New book reveals positive relationships to be at the heart of wellbeing

We all have relationships – with our partners, children, parents, friends, colleagues and many others. According to a new book being launched in Sydney, the quality of these relationships is critically important for our overall wellbeing.

Josh Roose

Losing the War of Rhetoric: Terrorism no Challenge to Diversity

The horrific events in Woolwich, UK overnight have been broadcast into homes and offices across the world.

Foreign aid is vital to many countries

Foreign aid cuts deeply disheartening, says expert

The Federal Government’s decision to cut foreign aid spending in the Budget is disappointing, especially considering substantial amounts of aid money are being used to house asylum seekers.

Phillip O'Neill

How many Barangaroos? The hard task of meeting Western Sydney's employment targets

In a speech to business and government leaders, Professor Phillip O'Neill challenges governments to adopt a new approach to job creation in western Sydney.

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