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What does DNA sound like? Using music to unlock the secrets of genetic code

There is strong interest to understand how DNA sequences determine our physical form. Hopefully, listening to audio from DNA may help scientists understand how cell biology works.

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Blasphemy is still a crime in Australia – and it shouldn’t be

The crime of blasphemy has had a bit of publicity lately. You might also find yourself reported to police for blasphemy in Australia, where it is still a crime.

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At home with Emily Dickinson

Today, the Dickinson Homestead is a museum, and the poet’s bedroom is a space reserved for retreats by writers wishing to tap into their creative “genius”. I wonder what Dickinson would think of our intrusions.

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Friday essay: the wonder of Joyce’s Ulysses

"Difficulty” is an understatement for the reader’s experience of the bewildering Ulysses, with its notoriously experimental styles and form, extravagantly wrought language, and approach, in which nothing is “stupidly explained.”

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Four things schools can do to help tackle extremism and radicalisation

The terrorist attacks in Manchester and London renewed discussions about how to stop young Muslims being radicalised. while it’s important to have these conversations, most of the suggestions are reactive.

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Sex and women’s diseases: it’s common and important to include men’s perspectives

Women suffering from endometriosis, a disease that causes chronic pelvic pain, have criticised a student for choosing to conduct research on the sexual impact of the disease on women’s partners.

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Anti-siphoning changes a blow to sports fans

The proposed anti-siphoning changes shift the economic balance from free-to-air towards pay-TV, as well as from government intervention in the sport TV market to more open market play.

World Heritage-listed river

How our research is helping clean up coal-mining pollution in a World Heritage-listed river

The Wollangambe River in New South Wales is a gift of nature, flowing through the World Heritage-listed Blue Mountains. So it was with a sense of irony that bushwalkers noticed unnatural flow and discolouration in the river.

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