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Opinion: Coronavirus while pregnant or giving birth: here’s what you need to know

Having a baby is stressful enough without a coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and all the associated misinformation.

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Opinion: Coronavirus with a baby: what you need to know to prepare and respond

If you have a baby, you may be worried about them catching the coronavirus, particularly after media reports of an Australian infant diagnosed with it.

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Opinion: Stadiums are emptying out globally. So why have Australian sports been so slow to act?

Packed stadiums are the bread and butter of sports. Crowds create stadium atmosphere and generate revenue.

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A city-by-city guide to how water supplies fared in Australia’s summer of extremes

Australia has just experienced a summer of environmental extremes. Water has played a key role.

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Entire hillsides of trees turned brown this summer. Is it the start of ecosystem collapse?

The drought in eastern Australia was a significant driver of this season’s unprecedented bushfires. But it also caused another, less well known environmental calamity this summer: entire hillsides of trees turned from green to brown.

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Opinion: COVID-19 death toll estimated to reach 3,900 by next Friday, according to AI modelling

The coronavirus disease COVID-19 has so far caused about 3,380 deaths, infected about 98,300 people, and is significantly impacting the economy in many countries.

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3 ways to help children think critically about the news

Like adults, children use the news to learn about what’s happening in the world. But the circulation of misinformation blurs our understanding of events and issues.

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Experts outline the risks to society, when the fear of coronavirus descends to racism

Western Sydney University experts are speaking out in condemnation of the racism that has been directed at Chinese Australians as a result of the novel coronavirus outbreak.

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