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The government wants to privatise visa processing. Who will be held accountable when something goes wrong?

The Department of Home Affairs has begun taking steps to outsource its visa processing to private service providers. This move has sparked an important national debate.

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Why is my poo green?

It’s happened to many of us at some point in our lives: we finish our bowel movement, look down in the bowl and have a moment of panic when we see an unusual colour.

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Adoption law should be reformed to give children legal connections to both of their families – here’s why

When children are unable to live safely at home, they may enter out-of-home care. Most of these children are in foster or kinship care and many are able safely to go home after a period of time.

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How drought is affecting water supply in Australia’s capital cities

The level of water stored by Australia’s capital cities has steadily fallen over the last six years. They are now collectively at 54.6% of capacity – a decline of 30% from 2013.

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What do Sydney and other cities have in common? Dust

Sydney and its suburbs have been enveloped in haze over the past few days. The haze is a mixture of bushfire smoke and dust blown in from western New South Wales.

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These young Muslim Australians want to meet Islamophobes and change their minds. And it’s working

The political influence of the far-right, along with a more salient national security agenda, has spurred a growing anti-Muslim sentiment and deep social division in Australia.

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Curious Kids: why does wood crackle in a fire?

Curious Kids: why does wood crackle in a fire? If you’ve ever put wet wood on to a fire, you may have noticed it makes a lot more noise than dry wood.

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Evacuating with a baby? Here’s what to put in your emergency kit

Every summer in Australia, bushfires, cyclones and floods threaten lives & properties. Preparing for these emergencies includes creating an emergency kit that contains everything you & your baby will need if essential services are disrupted or you need to evacuate.

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