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Health Check: what causes constipation?

Most people have experienced being blocked up from time to time, whether it’s while travelling, after taking painkillers, or when you’ve let your diet go.

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Is bottom-pinching still ‘indecent’ by today’s community standards?

In a recent court case in Western Australia, Magistrate Michelle Ridley ruled that “in an era of twerking” and easy access to pornography, a police officer pinching a woman’s backside is not indecent assault.

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‘Jobs for the boys’: women don’t get a fair go in sports administration

Women represent just 22% of board chairs and 13% of CEOs across more than 60 Australian sporting organisations.Why is there such an imbalance?

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Congestion-busting infrastructure plays catch-up on long-neglected needs

Infrastructure spending is one of the central themes of Treasurer Frydenberg’s budget speech. His headline announcement was the promise to increase the ten-year federal infrastructure spend from the A$75 billion announced last year to a target of $100 billion.

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The Conversation: Christchurch attacks strike at the heart of Muslims’ safe places from Islamophobia

The terror attacks at the Al Noor and Linwood Mosques in Christchurch send a message to Muslims: there is no safe space from Islamophobia.

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We asked five experts: should Australia lower the voting age to 16

Voting is a key part of the democratic process. It allows all citizens of a certain age to have a say on matters important to them. Voting in federal elections and referendums is compulsory for every Australian aged 18 and over.

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Are more Aussie trees dying of drought? Scientists need your help spotting dead trees

Most citizen science initiatives ask people to record living things, like frogs, wombats, or feral animals. But dead things can also be hugely informative for science.

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NSW Coalition scrapes back in as minor parties surge – but delivering on promises will not be easy

Premier Gladys Berejiklian’s Liberal-National government was returned to office on Saturday nigh. With the victory came some wreckage, and largely unexpected beneficiaries.

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