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University shield  at campus entrance

Universities unveil ambitious Indigenous participation targets

Members of Universities Australia will commit to expand their contributions to practical measures to close the gap in disadvantage and lift the visibility of Indigenous expertise and excellence.

Main event

Prize fight over live-streamed sport will continue long after final bell

When a Brisbane boxing fan streamed Danny Green vs Anthony Mundine through a smartphone and Facebook Live, he landed quite a blow beneath Foxtel’s belt.

Catherine Attard new 2

Top maths tips for parents preparing for the school year

There are many things parents can and should do to help their children learn mathematics, particularly before they begin school and during their primary school years.

Malaysia plane

Ukraine puts legal spotlight on Russia over MH17 disaster

The shooting down of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 is back on the international legal agenda after Ukraine instituted proceedings against Russia.

Beer 1

The price is not right: how much is too much for a beer at sporting events?

For many Australian sports fans, buying beer at sporting venues is an exercise in subjugation.


A machine astronomer could help us find the unknowns in the universe

What have pulsars, quasars, dark matter and dark energy got in common? Answer: each of them took the discoverer by surprise.

Employees 2

These are the characteristics of people most likely to cut corners at work

In a newly published study, we found that employees who “cut corners” tend to be morally compromised, low in conscientiousness, self-focused and impulsive.

Buildings 2

Changes for off-the-plan foreign buyers rely on a broken supply argument

The government is proposing changes to the foreign investment framework that will allow a foreign real estate investor to purchase an off-the-plan dwelling when another foreign investor has failed to reach settlement.

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