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Endometriosis costs women and society $30,000 a year for every sufferer

The average cost for a woman with endometriosis both personally and for society is around A$30,000 a year, according to our research, published today in the journal PLOS ONE.

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Looking to rent a home? 6 things that will help or hinder you

Two-thirds of tenants in Australia rent through a real estate agent. A national shortage of private rental housing forces these tenants to impress the real estate agent to secure a property – their application needs to stand out from other applications.

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All the signs were there: lessons from the collapse of White Ribbon Australia

Few Australian charities have been as high-profile as the White Ribbon organisation. In its stated mission to prevent men’s violence against women, it garnered the support of politicians, sporting champions, celebrities and the general public.

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1 in 3 new mums struggle to get their baby to sleep, but some women have a tougher time

Our research, published today in the journal BMJ Open, found that while every baby is different, some factors increase the likelihood new mothers will experience difficulties with early parenting.

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We can make roof tiles with built-in solar cells – now the challenge is to make them cheaper

Despite being such a sunkissed country, Australia is still lagging behind in the race to embrace solar power.

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Affordable housing lessons from Sydney, Hong Kong and Singapore: 3 keys to getting the policy mix right

Affordable housing is a critical problem for Australia’s biggest housing markets.

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More than a kick: sporting statues can enshrine players and also capture pivotal cultural moments

In March this year, photographer Michael Willson captured an image of AFL footballer Tayla Harris kicking for a goal. Last week in Melbourne’s Federation Square a 3.3 meter bronze depiction of Harris’ kick was unveiled.

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NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian avoids a spill but remains in troubled waters

“How good is Gladys Berejiklian?” Prime Minister Scott Morrison asked a jubilant crowd of Liberal supporters. Only as good as her most recent legislative adventure, it would seem.

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