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Opinion: What Australia can learn from bicycle-friendly cities overseas

Walking and cycling are in the spotlight given the need to keep fit, get about and keep a social distance from others during the pandemic.

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Opinion: Job-ready graduates changes loom as last straw for emerging researcher

With the federal government making concessions on the Job-ready Graduates Package, we are closer to it becoming law. It’s meant to take effect in 2021.

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Opinion: NSW hits pause on school choirs, but we can’t stop the music forever

The NSW health department recently instructed schools to stop certain activities to minimise the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

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Opinion: Kids who learn ‘clause-chain’ languages are quicker to develop complex sentences

Languages like Japanese, Korean, Turkish and the indigenous languages of the Amazon, East Africa, and New Guinea build sentences in a way that lets them grow to enormous length.

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Opinion: Australians’ favourites show Aboriginal art can transcend social divisions and art boundaries

New analysis shows landscape art is the most popular visual art genre among Australians, with Aboriginal art coming in second place, followed by portraits and modern art.

Jed Montayre

Expert: COVID-19 will expose the vulnerabilities of our orphaned older people

A Western Sydney University expert says there is an unknown population of older people in Australia who are friendless and alone, and are uniquely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Opinion: TikTok can be good for your kids if you follow a few tips to stay safe

The video-sharing app TikTok is a hot political potato amid concerns over who has access to users’ personal data.The United States has moved to ban the app. Other countries, including Australia, have expressed concern.

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Opinion: State arts service organisations: effective, engaged but endangered

This week the NSW government’s arts funding arm, Create NSW, removed or significantly reduced funding to arts service organisations. This short-sighted trend of cutting funding to arts organisations began several years ago.

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