Student Academic Committees

Student Academic Committee membership

Get involved in the future of Western Sydney University. The Student Academic Committee members have the unique opportunity to shape the future of courses at Western Sydney University.

Check out what the Chair of the Academic Senate, Associate Professor Paul Wormell, has to say about student involvement in the academic future of our uni:

"As a student I was an active member of the University's Academic Board, as well as a wide range of other university and student committees. It was an interesting and valuable experience, and I found that I could make a difference to the university on behalf of my fellow students. The skills that I learned have made a great contribution to my professional career, and elsewhere in my life. There are many ways in which you too can benefit if you take up the challenge of being a student representative. Please may I encourage you to do so?"

Who are Student Academic Committee members?

Student Academic Committee members are voting members on the various Academic Committees at Western Sydney University. Student members can be undergraduate or postgraduate students studying both full time and part time.

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What are Academic Committees?

Academic Committees make decisions regarding academic policy and quality assurance at Western Sydney University. They're made up of academic staff (some are elected and some are appointed), professional staff and elected student members.

There are numerous committees across Western Sydney University from School Academic Committees to the Western Sydney University Academic Senate.  Each committee focuses on different issues including learning and teaching, curriculum structure and quality, assessment, student progression, higher degree research candidature, and academic misconduct.

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There are two tiers of Academic Committees:

School Academic Committees heading

Each School has a School Academic Committee and there is also a Badanami Academic Committee.

These committees oversee the quality of academic programs and contribute to curriculum, course development and academic decision making.

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Academic Senate heading

The Academic Senate and its University-level committees guide and make decisions on academic policy and process that impact across the University. Input to these committees can originate at a School or University-level Committee and then be submitted to the Academic Senate for final approval.

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