Academic documents

The following documents are now available as a secure electronic document:

  • Academic transcript/record
  • AHEGS 

More secure electronic documents will be available later in 2014.

Important information

  • Delays in processing your order will occur during system outage periods and peak activity periods for results and graduation
  • Make sure you read the terms and conditions carefully before ordering your documents as they contain important information about time-frames and expectations
  • AHEGS are issued when you graduate (excluding Foundation studies students). If you want an academic transcript, you will need to order one separately
  • The University of Western Sydney officially rebranded as Western Sydney University on 30 August 2015 and has registered the business name "Western Sydney University" as an interim measure until changes to the University of Western Sydney Act 1997 take effect to reflect the change of name.  All degrees and other awards validly conferred by and under the name of the University of Western Sydney continue to remain validly conferred and recognised as such.

External institutions

  • AHEGS and academic transcripts/records: Check what you need to provide to external professional institutions for further education, registration, accreditation, employment or immigration purposes as requirements vary between institutions
  • It is your responsibility to check external institution's deadlines and order your documents with enough time to meet those deadlines
  • Do you need documents sent to an external body like DEC, AHPRA, UAC or QTAC? Check the Academic documents FAQ page for more information

Document types

Academic transcript/record

A copy of a student's academic record.
» How do I order my academic transcript/record?

Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS)

Provides information on a student's higher education qualification, including a record of all units undertaking within the specified degree/award, the institution where the qualification was obtained and the Australian higher education system in one easy-to-read document.

Course completion letter

A letter an external organisation may request which confirms a student has completed the necessary requirements to finish their degree and is eligible to graduate pending final approval from the School Academic Committee. A course completion letter can also be issued to confirm a student has graduated. A course completion letter is not required unless you have a request for one from an external organisation. 
» How do I apply for a course completion letter?

Replacement testamur

A replacement for the original certificate issued that confirms a student has been admitted to a particular degree or diploma by the academic institution which issues the certificate.