Re-enrolment for 2021 will open on Wednesday 7 October 2020.

1. Plan your re-enrolment

Choose my units

When choosing which units to enrol in, you need to consider three things:

  • Are you studying in Summer Session? The units you're enrolled in for Summer will affect which units you can study in Autumn and Spring 2021
  • Find your course on the Western Sydney University Handbook (the course and unit search) (opens in a new window) and check your course structure to see which units you can enrol in
  • You can check your 'course progress' in the Course Details section of My Student Records (MySR) (opens in a new window). This shows your progress towards finishing your course and if you're meeting the requirements needed to graduate. This is a crucial tool you can use to make sure you're enrolling in the right units, that you're enrolled in the correct specialisation and whether or not there are other requirements you need to meet.

I need advice about units and my course progression

If you're not sure which units to enrol in or want some advice about your course progress, you should contact your Academic Course Advisor or Director of Academic Program for help. You can find their details on the course page in the Handbook (opens in a new window) (under the 'Course Advice' heading).

2. Re-enrol

Re-enrol online

To re-enrol, log in to My Student Records (MySR) (opens in a new window) and go in to the 'Enrol' section.

To successfully reenrol, you will need to:

  • Check your mobile phone number and postal address and update if they've changed
  • Select your specialisation (major/sub-major etc) if applicable
  • Select and confirm your units (make sure you click 'Proceed to checkout' and then 'confirm')

Note: if you have successfully enrolled in your units, you will receive an email (in your student email account) confirming your enrolment.

I need help re-enrolling

You can get help at Student Central. You call the Student Central Infoline on 1300 668 370, email (from your student email account) or drop in to any Student Central on campus.

3. After you've re-enrolled

Check your results

Your enrolment may need to change after your Spring and/or Summer results are released. You'll need to login to MySR (opens in a new window) and check your enrolment after you receive your results and make any necessary changes.

Remember, any changes you make to your enrolment will affect your Tutorial Registration and timetable.

Find out more about results release.

Tutorial Registration

You will receive an email telling you when tutorial preferences are open for each teaching session.

When preferences open, go into Allocate+.(opens in a new window) The units you are enrolled in will automatically appear. You will need to select multiple preferred times for each lecture, tutorial and/or practical class (unless there is only one time available). Once preferences close, the system will put you in one of your preferred tutorial times.

Need help?

Get my timetable

Once you've been allocated to one of your preferred tutorial times, you will receive an email notifying you that your timetable is ready. You need to then login to Allocate+.(opens in a new window) and download your timetable to your personal calendar.

Understand my responsibilities

When you first enrolled at Western Sydney University, you agreed to the student declaration. It's important to refresh your memory so you know what you agreed to, what your responsibilities are and what's expected of you at the University.

Census date and fees

All fees are due by the session census date (31 March for Autumn Session and 31 August for Spring Session). If you're enrolling in a session other than Autumn or Spring, please see the census dates webpage

You can access your electronic Statement of Account (eSOA) in MySR (opens in a new window) once the teaching session starts. It will show what units you're enrolled in, what fees you owe and list payment options.


If you deferred your SSAF in an earlier session you don't need to take any action unless you have transferred to a new course.

If you haven't already deferred your SSAF or aren't eligible to defer it, you will need to take the appropriate action by the advertised deadline.