IT Service Desk

IT Service Desk operating hours

Monday to Friday - 8.00 am to 6.00 pm (on-site & phone support)
Saturday and Sunday - CLOSED

MyIT portal

Our IT portal, MyIT (opens in a new window), is your gateway to IT services available at Western Sydney University.

MyIT is available all day, every day, even when the University is closed. Although you can use MyIT without a login, logging in with your WesternAccount gives you access to more features.

Please update your bookmarks and links to point to (opens in a new window).

What does MyIT offer?

  • a one stop shop for all your IT service and support needs
  • a catalogue of our IT services
  • electronic forms and online approvals to replace paper based IT forms
  • somewhere you can log issues with IT equipment or systems
  • a knowledge base containing hundreds of self help articles
  • news and information on outages and other system issues
  • a record of all your IT requests or "tickets"
  • access to WesternAccount (opens in a new window) password management
  • contact points for the IT Service Desk via live chat, phone, or email

* WesternAccount login is required to access some features.

Our desktop icon

All users of our standard Windows based PCs have this icon on their desktop. Your desktop icon links directly to the MyIT self service portal (opens in a new window).

IT knowledge base and fact sheets

Our fact sheets have mostly been migrated to our MyIT portal's knowledge base (opens in a new window). The knowledge base contains hundreds of useful IT related articles, including configuring and connecting to various IT services such as email, mobile phones, accessing corporate applications on any device (Citrix Access), iPads, and much more.

Fact sheets that have not yet been migrated can still be found at their old location (opens in a new window). For the most up to date information, we recommend searching MyIT in the first instance.

IT forms

ITDS is replacing its paper based request system with electronic requesting. You can now log your requests for access, email accounts, and most other IT services  through our MyIT portal (opens in a new window). Forms that have not yet been migrated to MyIT can still be found at their old location (opens in a new window).

Password management

Password issues? Please be sure to visit WesternAccount (opens in a new window) to manage your MyUWSAccount, including issues such as changing your password and changing your secret question and answer. You can also access password management via MyIT.

Information on password expiry (opens in a new window).

What happens when I call the IT Service Desk?

The Service Desk Analyst will ask you some questions to determine the problem, including your name and staff or student number. In many cases, the analyst will be able to resolve the issue immediately. If the analyst cannot resolve the problem, they will log a job to a more specialised IT team. All jobs are recorded in our MyIT portal (opens in a new window), so you can track progress, and we can monitor trends and continuously improve our services to you.

Contact us

You can contact the IT Service Desk via:
MyIT portal: (including Live Chat)
Phone: (02) 9852 5111 or ext 5111