Online Exams

There are two delivery methods for online exams, vUWS only and ProctorU Live+.

Your personalised exam timetable will provide the relevant exam information if you have an online exam.


vUWS Online Exams

Non-Proctored exams are done online through vUWS. There is no supervision by a live or AI supervisor.  You are not required to register or schedule your exams ahead of time.

Your Subject Coordinator may require you to have additional resources to sit your vUWS exam (such as Zoom), please check your vUWS site and Learning Guide for more details.

  1. To commence your online examination on time, log in to your vUWS site 10 minutes prior to your exam start time to set up and be ready to open or download when your exam starts.
  2. Ensure your internet bandwidth is not being used by anyone in your home or workspace to stream content such as You Tube or Netflix, as this could affect the performance of your exam.
  3. Before logging in to vUWS check your browser is compatible at the following link.
  4. Log in to vUWS from the WSU homepage
  5. Locate and click on the subject for which you have an exam
  6. Locate your exam in the ‘Assessment Zone’ titled ‘Final Exam or ‘Final Examination’
  7. Read the Examination instructions BEFORE attempting your exam
  8. If you can't see the exam link, try refreshing the browser page
  9. More information can be found on the Online Exam via vUWS guide (opens in a new window)

Technical Requirements

To complete your online exams successfully there are some specific technical requirements that are required. To find out if your equipment will be suitable to complete your proctored exams you can test it here.

Stable Internet


Internet Download Speed1.5 Mbps
Internet Upload Speed1 Mbps
PC UsersN/A
Mac UsersN/A

Browsers - DO NOT USE Internet Explorer or Safari

Chrome (preferred) or Firefox

Dual Monitors



? (check vUWS for details)


? (check vUWS for details)

Chrome Extension


Suitable quiet space

Knowledge Articles
  • KB0016538 – What equipment and technology is required for my online exams?
  • KB0016503 – MAC requirements for online exams with Proctor U?


Do I have a ProctorU Exam?

If you have a ProctorU exam, your personalised exam timetable will state that you have a ProctorU Live+ exam and a web link will be provided for you to schedule your exam.  If ProctorU is not mentioned, you do not need to create an account or schedule a session. You can find more information about your exam in your vUWS site, either in the "Assessment Zone", Learning Guide or announcements from your subject coordinator.

Proctored Online Exams

Proctoring is another word for exam supervision. Western Sydney University is working with ProctorU to provide online exam supervision in 2020 and beyond. ProctorU is an online proctoring service that allows you to take your exam in your own space at home. At the current time all exams in ProctorU will run using their Live+ exam delivery system.

Live+ means a real person will supervise your exam in real time via your webcam. You won't be able to see the supervisor but you can contact them at any time using the chat option. You will be asked to do a room check which involves you moving your webcam around the room to show the supervisor your space. You will need a Computer or Laptop with a web cam and microphone, as well as stable internet.  You can check the technical requirements on the Proctor U Website. To view how it works go to the Step by Step Live+ Guide.

You must register with Proctor U and schedule your Live+ exam ahead of time (usually 72 hours). You may not be able to schedule your session if you leave it too late. For more detailed instructions on how to create your ProctorU account and schedule your session please refer to the Live+ Guide. 

Watch the video to see the exam launch process and prepare for your ProctorU Live+ exam.

Technical Requirements

To complete your online exams successfully there are some specific technical requirements that are required. For Live+ exams being held via Proctor U, there is more information about these requirements on the Proctor U Website. They also have some very helpful troubleshooting tips on their website. To find out if your equipment will be suitable to complete your proctored exams you can test it here.

Stable Internet


Internet Download SpeedMinimum 1.5 Mbps (12Mbps recommended)
Internet Upload SpeedMinimum 1 Mbps (3Mbps recommended)
RAMMinimum 4GB  with less than 90% Ram usage (16GB with 70% Usage recommended)
PC UsersActive version of Windows 10 (10 S mode is not supported)
Mac UsersMacOS 10.13 (Oldest Still Maintained Version)


Guardian only (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, MS Edge, etc are NOT supported).  Download Guardian here.

Dual Monitors




Chrome Extension

Suitable quiet space

Knowledge Articles

  • KB0016538 – What equipment and technology is required for my online exams?
  • KB0016503 – MAC requirements for online exams with Proctor U?

Unauthorised Software detected during pre-check

During the Pre-check by ProctorU, your browser will prompt you to share your screen as a required part of being proctored online. You will then be automatically guided through a series of equipment checks to make sure your system meets minimum requirements and to ensure you are not using any unauthorised machine or software.

If ProctorU detects that you have installed a virtual machine or unauthorised software that is not permitted during your examination, you will be advised by ProctorU that you cannot proceed with the examination until you have done the following:

  • remove the unauthorised software from your computer, or
  • move to a different computer, or
  • reconnect again within a guest profile assuming the software’s were downloaded to your user profile, or
  • reschedule your appointment in the next 30 minutes if it takes longer to arrange

Note: A report of the incident will also be submitted to the University.

Applying for Deferred Exam: If you choose not to proceed with the examination, you will also not be eligible to apply for a deferred exam based on unpermitted software being detected as it does not fall within the grounds outlined to permit a deferred exam in the Deferred Exam Procedure. If you do not adhere to the exam requirements as per the Examination Procedures (clause 22/23), action may be taken under the Student Misconduct Rule.


The University’s contract with ProctorU includes assurances that a formal security program in accordance with industry standards is in place that protects the security and integrity of the services being provided and the information being collected. ProctorU cannot use student's personal information for any reason other than the proctoring of online exams. For more information please refer to ProctorU Privacy FAQ (PDF, 232.63 KB)

Can I use any browser with ProctorU?

Guardian browser is the only supported browser for ProctorU. You can download the Guardian browser here for Windows OS and Mac OS. You will receive further information from the Examination team prior to your exam about access and preparation.

Ensure you have your username/password to log into the LMS. Updating to Guardian Browser, your credentials may be saved in your default browser.

Mac requirements for online exams with ProctorU

Please refer to the following link for instructions on how to use ProctorU with a Mac desktop or laptop.

Note:  Mobile devices, tablets including Surface Pro devices, iPads and phones are not supported. Please refer to the following link for a list of unsupported devices for ProctorU.

Online Exam Information

What is an online exam?

Online Exams can be either Proctored or Not Proctored, read below for more details.

Are you ready for online exams?

Refer to the Online Exams 10 things to remember checklist.

Still not sure or need help, submit an enquiry in WesternNow

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Special requirements and Academic Reasonable Adjustment Plan adjustments

If you have an Academic Reasonable Adjustment Plan that includes exam adjustments, these will be applied to your online exam. If you are unsure whether your Academic Reasonable Adjustment Plan is current or you need to change your requirements, please contact your Disability Advisor or as soon as possible before your exam.

For more information, please visit Disability Services and Academic Reasonable Adjustment Plans or you can email

For support in using your assistive technology software in your exams please contact the Assistive Technology Specialists at

  • KB0016542 – What if I am doing an online exam and have a special need or disability?

Academic Integrity

Measures have been put in place to ensure academic integrity is maintained during online exams. Online proctoring services are used to support these measures.  Further information in relation to Student Misconduct can be found on the Student Misconduct webpage.



Identity not verified

ID not produced


ID expired


ID unclear


Wearing a hoodie/unable to view footage clearly


Camera blurred/smidged throughout exam


Camera Off/rear facing camera

Other Issues

Looking off Screen


Use of unpermitted break


Out of view of camera


Wearing headphones/air pods


Camera off/rear facing camera


Should misconduct or irregular practices be suspected by the exam proctor an incident will be recorded.  The incident may be dealt with under the provisions of the Student Misconduct Rule.

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vUWS Support

If you are sitting a vUWS only online exam and experience any issues, please see relevant contact information below:

  • IT Service Desk: 02 9852 5111 or Email
  • Examinations Team: Email

KB0016548 – Who should I contact for support during my online exam

ProctorU Support

If you are sitting a ProctorU Live+ Exam and experience any issues,please see relevant contact information below:

  • Blue Chat Bubble: connect to a live ProctorU technician in the bottom right of the screen by clicking on the blue chat bubble
  • Contact Number: 1800 957 152 (free call in Australia)
  • Non Urgent: submit a support request IT Service Desk: 02 9852 5111 or Email
  • Examinations Team: Email

KB0016548 – Who should I contact for support during my online exam?

Other Support

Counselling and Welfare

The Welfare and Counselling Services are available to support students. These services are confidential and here to help you. Find out more at Get Support.

  • KB0016961 - What options are available if I don't have a safe space to sit my exam at home?