Student Compliance

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How do I become compliant?

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Who needs to be 'compliant'?

Students in certain programs or subjects must undergo the NSW Health compliance process to be able to participate in a NSW Health placement. Look up your program of study or subject in the Handbook entry to see if this requirement applies to you.

What does that mean? What do I do?

You need to provide documentary evidence of having met the requirements of NSW Health policies that govern student placement in NSW Health facilities. The evidence must be assessed by NSW Health staff, who will determine whether you are compliant or not.  You cannot attend a placement in a NSW Health facility unless you are deemed 'Compliant'. Failure to become 'Compliant' could delay your progression.

Assessment vs Outcome - what's the difference?

  • A compliance assessment is the process where a student's evidence is 'assessed'  against requirements set by NSW Health.
  • To meet NSW Health policy requirements, students must be assessed by NSW Health in their first enrolment year.
  • Western (Hub nor Schools) cannot predict the outcome, nor inform students of a likely outcome of an assessment.
  • The compliance status of a student is an outcome of the compliance assessment.
  • NSW Health policy requires student to be compliant in order to attend a placement.
  • Your School may have stipulated that you must be temporary or fully compliant in their first enrolment year (regardless of placement timing).
  • NSW Health policy states that only students assessed in their first enrolment year  may be granted temporary compliance in that first enrolment year.

Why be assessed?

NSW Health requires students to be assessed in their first year of enrolment regardless of when they go on their first placement. This ensures enough time for students to address any compliance issues.

Western and our placement partners have a duty of care to ensure your safety, and the safety of the people you will interact with. It is each student’s responsibility to complete all student compliance requirements and provide evidence of compliance as part of the NSW Health verification process prior to attending fieldwork, research or clinical placement in a NSW Health Facility.

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