Student elections

Student elections are a chance to get involved, contribute and be a voice for Western Sydney University students!

Participation in student representation allows you to play a key role in campus life and activities and build a range of skills well regarded by employers, while providing representation and advocacy relating to campus and University-wide issues.

Becoming a student representative may allow you to:

  • Contribute to decision making at The University
  • Represent student needs to The University
  • Help create a more vibrant campus life
  • Undertake professional development
  • Network with professionals at The University
  • Discuss strategic issues with management

Current Elections


Nominations for the 2019 Student Representative Council, Student Editors, and National Union of Students Delegate elections are now open.
Nominations for student representative positions on the University’s governing and student representative bodies including the Board of Trustees, Academic Senate, Academic Planning and Courses Approvals Committee and Senate Education Committee must be submitted through the Elections website.

  • For the list of positions available on the Student Representative Council and Student Editor positions, please read the Student Representation and Participation Notice of Election (PDF, 799.77 KB) [Link opens in new window]
  • For the list of positions available on university committees such as the Board of Trustees, Academic Senate and school committees please visit the University elections website (please note terms of office will differ for different positions)

NB: For best results opening the PDF notice and nomination forms it is suggested you use Chrome.


Important dates during the student elections

4 MarchNominations Open
22 MarchNominations Close
22 MarchEligibility for nomination [see point 2 below]
1 AprilNotice of ballot
8 AprilBallots open
18 AprilBallots close
23 AprilResults published online

What happens during an election?

1. The Returning Officer(s) who oversee the election processes will send an email to all students and post the Notice of Election information online

2. Students interested in nominating for a position can then submit their details and candidate statement through the relevant online or hard copy nomination form. They may also submit a photograph. Nominations must be received by the closing date advised in the Notice of Election, and all students who nominate themselves or are nominated by another party, must meet the eligibility criteria on the day nominations close, Friday 22 March. To be eligible for any of the available positions, you must be a student and have an 'enrolled' status

  • Students interested in a Student Representative Council, Student Editors, and National Union of Students Delegates roles should nominate using the Student Representation and Participation Student Elections 2019 nomination form (PDF, 346.11 KB) – Note: A separate candidate statements is required for each position candidates are nominating for; such as SRC position, Student Editor, and NUS Delegate.

3. If more nominations are received than there are positions available, then a ballot will need to take place. If the number of nominations received, are equal to or less than the number of positions available, then the nominee/s will be declared as elected to the position

4. Candidate statements will be available online for students to review if there is a ballot

5. Eligible students will receive an email notification  with a personalised secure voting link allowing them to vote for candidates in the ballots

6. The results of the ballots will be published online

What positions are up for election?

Please visit the elections website to view the notice of election documentation for a range of student representative positions that are currently open.

Student Representative Council (SRC) Positions

The SRC is comprised of 24 elected voting members. As the peak representative body for Western students. the SRC provides an important voice for students, raising campus issues, such as campus facilities, parking, transport, disability access, safety and academic issues. The SRC meets monthly to hold formal meetings, which any Western student is welcome to attend.
The SRC additionally will be involved with various events, activities and campaigns they run throughout the year.

The SRC is provided with staff support and a budget to run campus events and activities, and is dedicated to creating a vibrant and engaging campus life. Additionally, some SRC representatives may join working parties, reference groups or sub-committees relevant to their portfolio. Further details on the positions can be found here.

Student Editor Positions

There are six (6) student editors elected each year to produce the student newspaper, W'SUP. These positions are open to currently enrolled Western Sydney University students from any campus. Editors are expected to work together to write and edit copy, commission work, place stories and promote the W'SUP.

National Union of Students (NUS) Delegate Positions

The National Union of Students (NUS) is the peak student representative body in Australia. NUS delegates will have the opportunity to represent their University at NUS National Conference (held at the end of the year), where they will have full voting rights on the direction of the Union over the following year. More information about NUS and NUS delegates can be found at the NUS website.

For more information about the nomination and election of these positions please contact Vic Miglionico on

For more information about any of these positions or the SRC please visit the SRC's website or email or