Western Students Go Global

Get ready to grow in ways you've never imagined!

  • Enhance your career prospects - employers look on international experiences favourably!
  • Academic credit - have the experience count towards your degree
  • Finance and scholarships may be available for eligible students
  • Opportunities available in most disciplines

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Suspension of International Travel

The Australian Government and Western Sydney University has suspended all international travel until a time the COVID-19 Pandemic is resolved. The travel suspension comprises all staff and student work or study-related travel to conferences, exchange programs, site visits, research-related travel, and all student group travel. Until further notice, many overseas programs are unavailable. For updates on COVID-19, Read More.

Applications for Online Global Learning are currently open. Further information can be found above.

Online Global Learning

Online Global Learning programs are exciting opportunities available for you to access international experiences without having to leave home. You can still gain meaningful intercultural exposure, learn from different academic staff, enhance your career prospects by working remotely in prestigious organisations around the world, and in many case you can receive academic credit towards your degree by attending online global learning programs. Find out More.