Progression appeal process

If you have been placed on conditional enrolment or excluded from study, you will be notified by email. You have the right to lodge an appeal as outlined in the email you receive. You do not need to appeal an 'at risk' notification as this is not a sanction, just a warning email.

How and when to appeal

You should lodge your appeal within 20 working days of receiving your progression email. Appeals must be based on grounds that your poor academic performance is explained by misadventure, accident or extenuating circumstances as defined in the Special Consideration under the Special Consideration policy.

Your appeal should clearly state the grounds for appeal and you must include supporting documentation (medical certificate, proof of financial hardship, proof of psychological trauma etc) as evidence for your appeal. Appeals may be submitted online via

The College Foundation Studies students please submit your appeal via email to

When will I receive advice on the outcome of my appeal?

The outcome of your appeal will normally be sent to your student email approximately six weeks after the appeal closing date. It is important to note that the determination of the Appeal Committee will be final.

What support can the University offer me?

A range of free services are available to help with problems affecting your studies.

Can I still study while appealing exclusion?

If you have been excluded and are lodging an appeal, you may request to provisionally enrol in one or more units until your appeal is resolved. To do this, you will need to complete the Request for Provisional Enrolment (audit units while appealing exclusion) [89Kb PDF] (opens in a new window) form. You must get approval from the relevant Director of Academic Program by having them sign the form in the Director of Program column.

You can lodge the Request for Provisional Enrolment (Audit units while appealing exclusion) form by:

  • Posting the form to Enrolments, Western Sydney University, Locked Bag 1797, PENRITH NSW 2751
  • Scanning and emailing the form (from your student email account) to

If your request is approved, the Enrolments Unit will arrange for you to be provisionally enrolled until your appeal is resolved. If your appeal is successful before the census date, your provisional units will be transferred to your course. If your appeal is unsuccessful, you will be discontinued from your provisional units and the terms of your exclusion from the University will apply.

Please note: if your appeal is not determined by the census date, your enrolment will be handled on a case by case basis. If it is approved after the census date you cannot add additional units in that session.

Where can I read the full Policy?

All information should be read in conjunction with the Progression and Unsatisfactory Academic Progress policy. The definitions of misadventure and extenuating circumstances as grounds for appeal are available in the Special Consideration policy.

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