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Show Cause

If you have been identified for Conditional Enrolment or Exclusion from study, you will be notified in MySR (displayed in a notification box in the top right corner). Your first step after receiving notification will be to decide if you want to submit a Show Cause application as to why you should not be placed on Conditional Enrolment or Excluded.

Read the full Progression policy here. All information should be read in conjunction with the Progression policy. The definitions of misadventure and extenuating circumstances as grounds for appeal are available in the Disruption to Studies policy.

What are the stages of progression?

The stages of progression can be found on the Progression Rules webpage.

What is suspension?

One of the outcomes of the Show Cause for Exclusion can be Suspension. This means that enrolment at the University is suspended for a specified period of time and there is an automatic right to re-enrol in the original program or a program that the University regards as being equivalent, at the end of the Suspension period.

How and When to Show Cause

You will be notified in MySR of your progression outcome. If the outcome is Conditional Enrolment or Exclusion, the notification will include a link to submit a Show Cause application. An application will be required to explain why the outcome should not be applied on the following ground:

  1. Misadventure and extenuating circumstances, as defined under the Disruption to Studies Policy; or
  2. Procedural unfairness.

Show Cause applications should clearly state the grounds and must include appropriate supporting documentation, as outlined on the Supporting Document webpage.

You must submit your Show Cause application within the stipulated time frame outlined in your progression outcome notice. To see how to submit your Show Cause application in MySR please visit the WesternNow Knowledge Article.

What questions are asked in the Show Cause Application?

  • Outline the circumstances that impacted your academic performance and led to you being notified of conditional enrolment/exclusion.
  • What was the length of time the above circumstances influenced your academic performance?
  • Did you apply for Disruption to Study provisions, Withdrawal Without Academic Penalty, Review of Grade or Deferred/Supplementary Exams during this time?
  • Have your circumstances improved/issues been resolved?
  • Outline the strategies you have implemented to improve your academic performance.
  • Do you agree to be contacted by the University’s Equity, Diversity and Wellbeing Unit?
  • Please provide any further comments you would like to make about your Show Cause.

Where to find support in submitting a Show Cause application.

The Student Welfare Service can also provide guidance with supporting documentation and information to include in your responses to the Show Cause questions. Book an appointment via 1300 668 370 (option 5) or email

Can Show Cause Applications be submitted for a progression outcome of At Risk or At Risk Improving?

Show Cause applications cannot be submitted for an ‘at risk’ notification as this is just advice that the progress is below the GPA threshold for satisfactory academic progress.

How Long Will It Take to Receive a Show Cause Application Outcome?

The University will commence assessment of Show Cause applications within 10 working days of it being made and will finalise the outcome as soon as practicable. You will then be contacted via your student email regarding the outcome.

The Office of Student and University Planning will determine the enrolment status on a case-by-case basis should the matter not be resolved by the census date.

Can Show Cause Applications Be Appealed?

There is no internal avenue of appeal against Show Cause outcomes. If a Show Cause Application is dismissed, it will contain advice on submitting an external complaint to the NSW Ombudsman via phone or online form within 10 working days of the Show Cause outcome if it is believed that the University has not properly followed its published policies and procedures.

Who can I speak to for visa advice?

If you are an international student, Conditional Enrolment and Exclusion may impact your student visa. The University cannot provide visa advice. We recommend that you contact the Department of Home Affairs or a registered Migration Agent.

What Support Is Provided by the University?

A range of free services are available:

  • Student Support Services can help with: study, personal and IT support, and provide further information on a number of workshops, programs and online resources available.
  • Wellbeing Services can provide support for personal and financial hardship. To book a free and confidential appointment, phone 1300 668 370 (option 4 then option 1) or use the Wellbeing Enquiry Form.
  • International students can seek help and advice at International Student Support or book an appointment with the Student Welfare Service via 1300 668 370 (option 4 then option 1) or the Wellbeing Enquiry Form.

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