Western Sydney University offers $20 million in scholarships every year, which includes a generous range of University and donor-funded opportunities.

Unlimited opportunities.

Through merit-based scholarships and The Academy, Western Sydney University recognises and rewards students who demonstrate outstanding academic ability, and superior leadership and community skills.

Donor-funded scholarships are also available, providing support for students based on both academic achievements and equity considerations, many of which include internship and mentorship experiences for recipients. There are also scholarships available for specific programs.

This page contains information for domestic student scholarships. For scholarship information for international students, please click here.

International Scholarships

Western Sydney University offers a range of international student scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate programs. International students will automatically be assessed for a scholarship at the time of applying to study at Western. 

Please visit our International Student Scholarships page for information on scholarships, eligibility criteria and how to apply.

Step One - Finding a Scholarship

Explore the domestic student scholarships page below and learn about the benefits and eligibility criteria. Check how to apply and the application deadline for each scholarship you are interested in.

Step Two - How to Apply

Check where to apply for your scholarship. Some scholarships, such as the Academic Excellence Scholarships, are automatically awarded. For other scholarships, please explore our Scholarships and Important Dates page and use the application link on each scholarship page for your scholarship application. You may be directed to our WSU Application Portal or the UAC Equity Scholarship Portal.

Step Three - Personal Statement

For most Scholarships, you will need to support your application with a personal statement. This video provides tips on how to write a personal statement.

Step Four - Submit Application

Submit your application before the closing date.

On successfully submitting your application, you will receive a confirmation email.

Next Steps

Applications will be assessed after the relevant closing date. Please note, some scholarships require applicants to attend an interview, and in this case you will be contacted directly. All applicants will receive an email outcome to the email address in your application.

If you have any questions about Scholarships, contact the Scholarships Team.

"Having the support of Western Sydney University pushes me to constantly strive for my best and increase my interaction with the community."

— Tiffany Tan. Bachelor of Medicine/ Bachelor of Surgery. Vice-Chancellor’s Leadership Scholarship 2018

"We see many talented people from refugee or asylum seeker backgrounds who without scholarships won't be able to study at university."

— Ebrahim Esmi. Scholarships for Asylum Seekers 2018. Bachelor of Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security.

Frequently asked questions

For all scholarship open and close dates, refer to our Scholarship and Dates page.

You should apply for a scholarship in the year prior to starting university.

Yes, you can submit multiple scholarship applications providing you believe you are eligible to apply and can meet the criteria.

Upon applying for a scholarship, you will be asked to provide a range of documents in support of your application. For example, this may include uploading a copy of your birth certificate, humanitarian visa or a letter of reference.

Scholarships applications open twice a year, in Autumn and Spring.

The university, together with our partners and donors, offer a variety of scholarships every year. Please note that not every scholarship will be available at every intake.

To learn more about scholarships at Western Sydney University, please visit our Scholarships and Important Dates page to enquiry with our team.

Applications are assessed after the relevant closing date.

All applications are assessed fairly and methodically.

Some scholarships will be awarded from a shortlist, while others require applicants to attend an interview.

The Scholarships Team will be in touch with you if you are required to attend an interview.

Applications are assessed after the relevant closing date.

As soon as the outcome of your application is available, the Scholarships Team will be in touch by email to advise if you are successful or unsuccessful in securing the scholarship.