Review of Grade

Applying for a Review of Grade

  • Need to apply for a Review of Grade? Lodge your application via eForms within 10 working days of your result being available in MySR. For results release dates visit the student dates page.
  • Note:  If this is your final term you will not be eligible to graduate at the forthcoming graduation period if you review your grade.
  • WSU Online students - please contact directly to request a Review of Grade.

There may be instances when you believe that your final grade in a subject does not accurately reflect your performance against the subject criteria.

If this happens and you are unable to resolve it with the Academic staff member concerned then you can apply for a formal Review of Grade within 10 working days of your result being available via MySR.

Please ensure you read the Review of Grade information in the Review of Grade policy, Assessment policy and the Examinations policy before submitting an application.

When should I apply for a Review of Grade?

You may apply for a Review of Grade after results are released at the end of each teaching term. You can check for upcoming results release dates on the Important dates webpage.

You must lodge your application by the advertised closing date for that teaching term, which is usually within 10 working days of the official notification of results on the web. Please note: Review of Grade applications are only open for a short period of time following results release.

All Review of Grade applications are lodged online. Please see the online forms page for more information.

How to complete the online application

  1. Review of Grade applications can now be completed online via a Student Form.
  2. Complete the form, including attaching supporting documents if necessary. You must have a pdf copy of your supporting documents to upload with your application.
  3. Submit the form online. You will receive an email (to your student email account) acknowledging that your application has been successfully submitted
  4. You will also receive an email notification advising you of the outcome of your request. Please allow 4 weeks for this to happen. Most requests will be completed much faster than this, but we need to allow time for your Subject Coordinator and Head of Program to assess your request. The final outcome will also be sent to your student email account

Grounds accepted for Review of Grade

You may apply for a Review of Grade if you have reason to believe one or more of the following:

  • the subject coordinator did not provide a learning guide as required
  • the assessment requirements as specified in the learning guide were varied in an unreasonable way
  • assessment requirements specified in the learning guide were unreasonably or prejudicially applied to you
  • due regard has not been paid to the evidence of illness or misadventure
  • a clerical error has been made in the calculation of your mark/grade
Grades not accepted for Review of Grade

You are unable to apply for a Review of Grade for the following grades:

  • Incomplete (I)
  • Pending (N)
  • Deferred (J)
  • Re-assessable (R)
  • Continuing (Y)

If you receive any of these grades, you will need to see your school for advice.

If you receive a grade as a result of disciplinary action then you are unable to appeal this through the Review of Grade process.

Supporting documentation

When lodging your Review of Grade application you must lodge a separate application form and supporting documentation for each subject that you are applying for.

You must indicate whether you are going to submit supporting documentation when completing your application. If you indicate that you will be submitting supporting documentation, it must be uploaded at the time your application is submitted.

Example supporting documentation:

  • a copy of your marks achieved for each individual assessment item where appropriate
  • any email correspondence relevant to your review of grade
  • a written statement from yourself detailing the reason for a review of grade
  • if you have achieved a Pass or higher grade, you must pay the $50 application fee and attach an Onestop receipt. No payment is required if you are applying in relation to a Fail grade.

Application fee

If you are applying for a Review of Grade and your current grade is a passing grade you must pay a fee of $50 in Onestop. No payment is required if you are applying for a Review of Grade for a Fail grade. (this includes Fail Non Submission or Compulsory Fail). 

The $50 application fee will be refunded if your application is successful and results in a change of mark or grade. If your application is unsuccessful you will not get a refund.

How do I pay?

If you need to pay, you will need to make your payment for a Review of Grade via Onestop and indicate your submission ID, which will be sent to your student email account when you submit your application.

Your application will be rejected if you do not pay the fee and supply the Onestop receipt with your application.

After you've applied

Once your Review of Grade application has been submitted online, it is directed to the Assessment and Timetabling Team before being sent to the Subject Coordinator for processing. A final decision is then made by the Dean of School.

After your application has been completed, you will be sent an email to your student email account, advising you of the outcome. You can normally expect a decision within one month after the closing date for Review of Grade applications.

Students may only appeal an outcome of a Review of Grade on the grounds of procedural fairness.  Please refer to the Academic Appeals Procedures for further information.

Need help?

If you need any help completing your application, Student Central can help. You can email, call the Student Central Infoline on 1300 668 370 or drop in to a Student Central on campus.

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