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Opinion: What’s the point of homework?

Homework hasn’t changed much in the past few decades. Most children are still sent home with about an hour’s worth of homework each day, mostly practising what they were taught in class.

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Opinion: What art are you engaging with in lockdown? Australians are mostly watching TV — but music, singing and dancing do more for your mood

How have you been passing the time during lockdown? Have you been taking an online drawing class, or did you join an online choir?

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Opinion: China’s new rules allow kids on video games just three hours a week – but gaming addiction isn’t about time, it’s about attitude

People in China under the age of 18 will only be allowed to play video games between 8pm and 9pm on Fridays, weekends and on public holidays, under new rules introduced this week.

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Opinion: I turned to The Secret Life of Us for warm nostalgia. Instead, I found jarring memories

In the throes of lockdown, the desire for certainty is unequivocal. The pandemic has shattered the predictability of our everyday lives, making the future precarious. Where to seek solace?

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Opinion: We studied Afghan refugees for 3 years to find out what life is like for them in Australia

The shocking scenes at Kabul airport — reminiscent of the images of the fall of Saigon in 1975 — highlight the desperate situation many Afghans face following the unexpectedly quick Taliban victory.

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Opinion: Can’t get your kid to wear a mask? Here are 5 things you can try

Let’s face it, none of us actually enjoys wearing a mask. And it’s even harder when you’re a parent trying to get your kids masked up, as well as yourself.

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Opinion: Pacific Island bats are utterly fascinating, yet under threat and overlooked. Meet 4 species

A whopping 191 different bat species live in the Pacific Islands across Micronesia, Melanesia, and Polynesia — but these are, collectively, the most imperilled in the world.

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Morrison must show he stands with the Afghan people

In 1989, days after events in Tiananmen Square, Prime Minister Bob Hawke stood up to let those affected know he would stand by them.

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